Wednesday 1/31/01

"Everything you say to me
Puts me one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break" - Linkin Park

Remember Snipets?
Snipets were cool...they were little PSA's for the after school crowd.
They taught life lessons or simple toy and game making tips during the commercials for cartoons, The Brady Bunch, and Gilligan's Island reruns, etc.
Two Snipets stick out in my mind...
In one, poorly created and animated claymation creatures debate about healthy snacks versus junk food. The junk food advocate declares that he doesn't need anything but the stuff he likes to eat, and keeps on eating and eating, and eventually becomes a blobbish, gel-like mess sprawled out on his recliner.
In the other, a young boy struggles to do one pull up (chin up, if you will). The voice over stresses the importance of physical fitness among the youth of America, etc. Then they show a super-imposed artist rendering of the chubby boy as a now short, fat, bald, ugly, and hopelessly sad adult.

Fucking A...way back in the '70's Snipets foresaw my future...and I did nothing to change it.

Well, that's it for January.

Monday 1/29/01

"Your time will come" - Iron Maiden

So the Super Bowl ended up being an interesting game. I didn't see every minute of it, but the second half was pretty exciting. It's weird that after focusing on Edgar Allan Poe so much for school recently, that the Super Bowl champs turn out be the Baltimore Ravens. Kinda cool, in a weird cosmic way.
I didn't see too much in terms of great commercials though.
I saw the Tomb Raider and Mummy Returns, and that was about it in terms of movie ads.
The white guy "what are you doing?" self parody of the "Wazzup?" commercial was kinda funny. The "Running with the squirrels" ad was funny. The "Alien wazzup" ad was ok...
I guess the ad that featured "The Gimp", that disabled artist that paints with his head, was the best of this year's crop.
Over-all the most enjoyable thing for me last night was the X Files rerun, a quirky genie story. Good stuff.

Why did I write all this...

Sunday 1/28/01

"I was me, but now he's gone" - Metallica

I've had a weird weekend. It was good at times, but absolutely terrible at others.
I'm at a crossroads of sorts, but I have no clue which way I should go.
My mind's playing tricks on me.
It could all get very messy.

In other news I did get to see two good movies, and reviews for each are posted in the movie sectionů

Friday 1/26/01

"Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook on life"
- from the fortune cookie I opened last night after absolutely pigging out at the Chinese Buffet.

Gluttony is one of the Seven sins, aint it?

My behavior last night was appalling.
Why my head works the way it does, I'll never really know.
Sad really, recognizing how pathetic you've become, but not being able to do a thing about it.
"Old Habits reappear
Fighting the fear of fear
Growing conspiracy
MYSELF is after me
Frayed ends of sanity
Hear it calling me" - Metallica
Nuff Said

Sunday 1/21/01

Damn, no quote today either...

So it's Sunday. Not much going on.
Ok weekend so far, I guess.
Actually did my taxes already. Woopdyfuckingdoo.
Golden Globes are tonight.
I'll watch...

Posted my review for Snatch in the movie section...

Thursday 1/18/01

"...and nothing else matters" - Metallica

Say it aint so.
Jason Newsted, long time bassist for the best band in the history of , um, vertebrates, METALLICA, has called it quits.
He's walking a way from what is arguably the biggest band in the world.
He's been there since 1986 (when I discovered them) when he replaced the late , great, and sorely missed Cliff Burton. Nobody could actually replace Burton, who played bass with a mad lead guitarist's passion, but Newsted did a stand up job, and was sort of the Metallica Ambassador to the common man; The Fan. He went into Metallica as a fan, so maybe that's why he connected with Metallica fans around the world.
He was one of us, but with a much cooler job.
I'm very sad about this...
And I'm worried...Newsted was the band's last remaining connection to aggresive metal, a genre that Metallica has long since shyed away from. His departure might lead to Metallica's next studio album being way too "pop-py" or "alternative". Those words are in quotes because let's face it, they'll still be Metallica...

All I can do is hope for the best...

Wednesday 1/17/01

I dunno why I came in here today.
I have nothing to say.

Damn I'm depressed lately.
Too depressed.

I'm a little scared actually...

Sunday 1/14/01

"Talk in circles, you never get it straight
Just you and me in our theater of hate" - Anthrax

So my weekend ended up kinda sucking big time, but at least I did see an awesome movie.
My review of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is now up in the movie section.

Anyway, I hate you.

Saturday 1/13/01

Fucking weekend sucks so far.
I'll never learn.
But hey, at least I got to post a new movie review...

Added something new...somewhere.
You don't wanna read it, but if you find it, and you wanna read it, you'll have to find your way in the dark...

Thursday 1/11/01

"All I want is the same as every one
Why am I here
And for how long" - Queensryche

I'm at work.
I have no reason to update except to say that I'm thinking of redoing my site.
Not so much the content, but the look.
I dunno, I think I've said all this before.

I'm so confused.

Tuesday 1/9/01

No quote.
So I fucked up...I wasn't gonna go to school this semester...and then at the last minute I decided I'd try one class...a grown up class too, not just a fun class like before...but I was too late.
Actually, the class itself was available, but the required lab that accompanies it was full.
My bad.
I'm a dumb ass.

So the Dolphins do suck, eh?
I dunno what to make of the new XFL coming in February...but I guess I'll give it a try...

You know I have to be the biggest fucking pussy on the planet.
I mean, no really.
I take my stupid little walks that in reality probably don't do a damn thing for me but still...
Anyway, it never fails that somebody will end up pasing me either jogging or on a bike or skates, and sure enough I'll jump and cringe and flinch like the Devil himself is taking my fucking temperature with his tonhgue!

Wednesday 1/3/01

"Wickedness is a myth invented by good people to account for the curious attractiveness of others" - Oscar Wilde

I have no idea what that really means, but it sounds nifty.
I don't know much about Oscar Wilde, save that he was gay, and he wrote a fucked up piece about Saolme, a Christ-era "exotic dancer" if you will who wanted John The Baptist's head on a platter.
He's best known for the pretty cool The Portrait of Dorian Gray, a twisted tale about a pretty boy who stays young while his portrait rots in his attic.
Good stuff, albeit typically highbrow "period" writing.
Wilde was also a supporting character of sorts in a very cool comic book name of Starman.
Damn, sometimes I really miss comics...

Fucking A, it's Two Thousand and Fucking One!
What the fuck man, this was supposed to be the fucking future!
When I was a kid, 2001 was like, the Jetsons and shit! Where the fuck are the flying cars and robotic maids and shit, huh?
Fuck, another childhood dream shattered like so much cheap glass.

Fuck everybody and everything.

Oh, school's been done for a while, but I finally called in to hear my grades.
Fuck I'm old...back in the day we used to get these things in the mail called report cards!
Anyway, I kinda knew but I wanted to be sure...I had two classes, and got two As.
So a perfect 4.0 on the semester.
Works for me...of course that doesn't help the fact that I still have no impetus to get my ass back there and maybe get a degree some day and maybe be able to hold my head up and say, "Hey, I AM somebody damn it!".
Nope...not me. Not now...
Maybe never...