Sunday, 10/31/99

It's Halloween...wait for it...BOO! Man, I just scared you, huh?
Anyway, so yesterday I was treated to a movie and a meal at stately Aventura Mall in North Miami. Holy shit, are the visuals amazing in that place. Where do these women come from???
Anyway, the movie was Bringing Out The Dead, which I did NOT wanna see. What a depressing movie. Just not what I needed with my recent (current?..PERPETUAL???) frame of mind. I need something upbeat...you know, Mary Poppins Meets The Care Bears, or something like that! Well, then again, nowadays even that would bum me out...
Anyway, that movie was well acted, but I'm sorry, Martin Scorsese really didn't impress me at all. Well, maybe a few times, but David Fincher EASILY out-directed him with his Fight Club (which I also really didn't like either...). The acting in BOTD was very good though...I just didn't care at all for the characters, with the possible exception of Marc Anthony's Noel. He was pretty tragic.
Anyway, after the movie we ate at The Cheesecake Factory. I had a burrito with more stuff in it than most Third World countries consume in a year. But I was too full to have one of their famous desserts. Bummer. Anyway, I really like this show, Freaks And Geeks...but I guess I shouldn't say that, because that would insinuate that I am often home on Saturday nights! Actually, of the new Fall shows, only F&G, Once & Again, and to a much lesser extent, Snoops are the only ones I like. Bummer
Anyway, sorry this is so long, I just didn't feel BOTD was worth writing it's own review for. Oh, but seeing the full length trailer for Sleepy Hollow was real cool! OK, have a great halloween! Regular colors return to the opening page Monday...

Friday, 10/29/99

Well, it's Friday. Long weekend for me. Joy.
Hmmm...what to do...should I spend the weekend at a Rodent themed park in Central Florida with an Amazon Goddess? Nope.
Will I ever even see said Amazon Goddess again? "Reply uncertain. Ask again later"
Oh, and just how badly did I piss of a friend last night? Nah, that one I'm not too worried about. After all, the comic relief usually makes it 'til the end of the flick...

Wednesday, 10/27/99

Be forewarned, this is pretty UGLY

Monday, 10/25/99

Before I forget...Go Dolphins! Woo Hoo!
OK, back to the melodrama. Don't you hate it when every song you hear reminds you of Someone? It's like, when things are going well, you kinda like to associate certain songs with Certain People. But man, when things aren't going particularly well...or let's face it, they just aint going, DAMN, every fucking song is talking right to you! It's like you just can't escape it. Fucking A!
Well, then again, it could just be me.

Sunday, 10/24/99

DAMN! I tried and tried to update this section yesterday, cause Damn It, that's just how busy I am on the weekends! Anyway, I couldn't update it, and I realized it was probably because this page had gotten too damn long, so FINALLY...a second page of venting!
Let's see, what else? OK, I posted a "review" of Fight Club in the Movie Section. I also moved my new Quote Page to the Life Section. I guess it's a better location than the opening page, right?
So what else is going on...I just finished reading The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, by Washington Irving. Some back story: I have always loved the basic story of Sleepy Hollow. Turns out however, it may just have been the Disney short that I loved, because as it turns out, the story itself was annoying. I bought an edition that boasted to be "Complete & Unabridged". HA! It still weighed in at a whopping 68 pages! 68 pages!!! You know what? It could have easily been a 20 page story! That wacky Washington Irving threw in SO MUCH unnecessary shit! SHEESH! Oh, and it also seemed rather racist at times. Whatever. I just hope Tim Burton's upcoming Sleepy Hollow is a better movie than the story!
Well, it's Sunday, so of course I'm not exactly loving life. Well, it's my own fault. I've known for almost two years that I have to get the hell outta that place. I really have to re-do my resume.
OK, I'm depressed now. Thanks a lot!

Thursday, 10/21/99

I really have to get off my ass and archive the majority of this page, but I'm just too freaking lazy!
So, what have we learned today...work continues to be a cesspool of Blech-ish-ness. The, ahem, older lady that just started might just bring the conclusion of my work experience with said cesspool, so I have that to look forward to.
Um, nothing else new with me. Shocking, isn't it? I'm listening to Blackmore's Night right now. They are SO cool! Sometimes I wish the rest of the world shared my musical tastes, but then again, I don't, because sometimes it's nice to have a little secret, aint it?

Tuesday, 10/19/99

Well, not much to say today...Let's see. Work was the same old shit. 8 hours of muck and dreck. Is that how you spell dreck?
Lunch on the other hand was splendid. Duh, She was there...
Sometimes, just sometimes, I almost feel...human? But to my credit, those moments are few and far between...

Monday, 10/18/99

Well, you can scratch that new receptionist at work. 2 whole days. That's gotta be a record!

Sunday, 10/17/99

Well, well, well...another fucking hurricane! We lost our phone service for 49 hours.
What a nasty feeling of isolation you get when you just flat out can't call anybody. I mean, it's weird, but like they say, "you don't know what you've got until it's gone". I mean hell, I hardly even use the phone, except mostly as a way to connect online. As you can well imagine, I was pretty much going through withdrawal, not being able to check my e-mail and all. Really ugly little feeling. As far as the phone goes...no big deal after all, I mean it's not like SHE actually likes to return my calls anymore...
Well, tomorrow at work should be a WHOLE lotta fun. A new receptionist; A new secretary; A new (temporary?) bookkeeper (which I have to train for a while...JOY!) I think she's like 60. Well, I'm sure we'll have LOTS in common...
Oh yeah...Go Dolphins! Woo Hoo!

Wednesday, 10/13/99

Oh lookee here, another journal entry. Will it be another vague excercise in melodrama? Will I finally get into the nitty gritty of why EVERYTHING sucks?
Well, your guess is as good as mine. Anyway, one day short of his second week, my Dad is finally outta the hospital. His leg looks like Dr Frankenstein himself had at him. It's funny, you see scars in movies, and you get blase about the whole thing. In real life, them scars be some ugly ass bitches! The incision runs the length of his inner leg, and is held nicely together with staples. Lovely.
In other news, I really like this show, Once & Again. Sela Ward is quite the looker, eh? Tonight I'll watch this show called The West Wing...because I'm dangerous like that.
I have nothing else of any intelligence to add to this journal entry, save that I'm listening to a Black Sabbath Tribute CD called Hell Rules, and let me tell you, a lot of today's Metal singers must have REALLY sore throats. BYE!

Sunday, 10/10/99

Don't get me wrong, everything still sucks, but Go Dolphins! Woo Hoo!

Thursday, 10/7/99

So it's been a week since we had to take my Dad to the hospital. Finally on Friday they'll be doing something with him. It has not been a good week.
Whatever hopes I had for a good weekend have pretty much evaporated. I had hoped on something pretty big, but that's all history now.
Shockingly enough, I'm pretty fucking miserable right about now...

Tuesday, 10/5/99

Work = Bad
Life = Bad
Oh, and the Dolphins fucking suck!

Sunday, 10/3/99

You know, if I get one more freaking instant message from some freak-child-woman asking me if I'm AJ from the fucking Backstreet Boys, somebody's gonna die!
So anyway, it has not been a good week at all, but to try to make myself better I went and saw two movies back to back: American Beauty (AGAIN!) and Three Kings. I liked Three KIngs overall, but I found it too depressing, and the last thing I need right now is yet another source of depression! I'm not gonna write a review-type thingy on that one either. It IS a good movie though.
Well, since I don't feel like bitching about work right now, I guess I'm done...oh wait...I really wish people didn't smoke. OK, now I'm done.