Sunday 11/26/00

"Born to an air of apathy
Indifference shapes a fragile mind
Questions formed at an early age
Beg answers unasked
Silent cries
Behind curious eyes resides
A child who cannot speak
. Silent cries" - Fates Warning

So it's been a while since I updated my site.
Yeah, like it matters.
ANYWAY, since the last time I was here:
I watched a really boring film in Film History, Fellini's La Strada.
But we made up for that by having to rent on our own, Scorsese's Raging Bull.

Tuesday night was a fucking blast.
Read all about it HERE.

I finally did that fucking presentation for that fucking Creative Writing class…and while I thought it went terribly, the class and teacher's reaction seem to indicate otherwise. I also turned in a couple of other assignments, including a bad short story. The class is all but over. THANK GOD!
I posted that short story in the Writing Section. It kinda sucks, and it actually uses characters that aren't all mine, but fuck everybody, OK?

Thanksgiving came and went without much fanfare around here. It was OK, but I guess kinda boring overall. Still, it's always good to see my cousins.

Friday I saw two movies…reviews of which can be found in the Movie Section.

Saturday kinda sucked. I basically was blown off by a 20 Yr Old.
That's just wrong.
Guess that's pretty much it.
Hmmm…it's 5PM Sunday as I write this…can it be that in a few minutes, we will actually have a President?!?

Sunday 11/19/00

"Feel no pain, but my life aint easy" - Metallica

So VH-1 finished their Countdown of the 100 Greatest Hard Rock acts.
The Top 10, which I'm not sure how I feel about, is as follows:

1 Led Zeppelin
2 Black Sabbath
3 Jimi Hendrix
5 Metallica
6 Nirvana
7 Van Halen
8 The Who
9 Guns N' Roses

Oh well, what can I do…

Friday night was good. I hung out with an old friend that I hadn't seen in more than a year.
She's been through Hell and back and I think that finally she's getting things under control.
Slowly but surely, she'll be fine…
And she looked mighty fine too!

In sadder news, I was very sorry to hear of the death of 26 year old Joe C, Kid Rock's sidekick. I didn't know much about him, but it turns out he was that size for medical reasons. He took like 60 pills a day because of it. He had an actual tube in his body for some liquid medicine he needed to have daily too. I dunno, it's just sad.

OK, I posted a new movie review in the movie section.
I gotta go struggle through my assignment from hell now…

Thursday 11/16/00

"All in all it's just a poor man's crusade" - Demons & Wizards

So I'm doing this from work, which is weird because I usually can't access the "site builder" from work. I dunno why.

Last night I had my fucking Creative Writing class. I hate that fucking class.
Teacher wasn't there again...but we still had three presentations, and the sub just wouldn't shut up! I think he actually talked more than the usual teacher!
I am so not ready for mine...I have no idea how to handle it, but I have to have the whole thing done by Sunday night, 'cause I can't work on it on Monday night or Tuesday night, and it's due Wednesday.

So this election is just a fucking nightmare, and it's really kinda scary when you really analyze all the shit that's going down. I dunno, I'd rather not even think about it...

VH1 has been playing the Top 100 Hard Rock Acts of all time...so far it's pretty cool, but they have been throwing in a lot of acts that I think don't need to be there.
All I know is that Metallica and Black Sabbath had better be in the Top 3, because aint nobody been more influential than either one of them...
But since when does my opinion count.

So I buzzed my head the shortest ever...no guard at all...
I must say that as flawed as I am, I have a decently shaped head.
Hey it's not much, but I'll take whatever I can get, you know?

Monday 11/13/00

"Hello darkness my old friend
I've come to talk to you again" - Simon and Garfunkel

Weird. Tonight in film class we saw The Graduate (greatfuckingmovie), which features Simon and Garfunkel's The Sounds of Silence prominently.
Then I come home to update my site with a movie review (now in the movie section, but which was actually written last Friday but mishandled by me because I am indeed dork)and I put on some of the new Nevermore, a very, very heavy band, and sure enough...a cover of The Sounds of Silence.
Weird, huh?

Anyway, as usual, I'm bored and depressed and I haven't started that annoying assignment I have to do for Creative Fucking Writing and now it looks like they won't offer Film Writing next semester anywhere near me and now I think I just might not take any classes next semester and now I just don't know what to do...

Wednesday 11/8/00

"Do you feel the way you hate
Do you hate the way you feel" - Bush

Hmmm...funny that I used a quote from Bush there...it wasn't intentional. I'm not quite witty enough to have thought of a political reference while also dissecting my absolute lack of moral or spiritual convictions.


Anyway, I'm SO not happy right now.
On the one hand I felt a great relief because I was allowed to postpone my FUCKING Creative FUCKING Writing class' assignment.
BUT, then the teacher gave me an assignment back that I have already done three times, and I HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN!
I dunno, I must be the worst fucking writer in history!
We also started the presentations, and I KNOW I'm gonna Fuck it up TOTALLY!
PLUS, we need to do an outside project, a solo project if you will. O My FUCKING God...and actual creative writing assignment in fucking Creative Writing class!
At this point, I have no interest in putting forth any effort in that class, and I'm just gonna re-write one of my old stories, just being sure to use some of the devices we've touched upon in class.

I dunno, at this point I probably won't even sign up for any classes next semester...MAYBE just Film Writing if it's even available...


Monday 11/6/00

"...that the play is the tragedy, 'Man,'
And it's hero the Conquerer Worm" - Edgar Allan Poe

I have no idea what that means.

So film class was cancelled tonight.
We have to rent Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo since we didn't watch it in class.
And don't even get me started on all the shit I gotta do for creative fucking writing.

Not a good day at all...

Sunday 11/5/00

"Take me there
Take me with you

I can't be alone tonight
I can't be alone tonight
I can't trust myself tonight
I can't trust myself tonight" - Hed (pe)

OK, so there was a "date # 2", and it was AWFUL.
Nuff said for now...

Maybe more later...

OK, it's later on, and yeah, there's more...I posted a new movie review in the Movie Section.
I'm also happy to say that I just got the American Beauty DVD! Woo Hoo!
And I'm listening to Fozzy!
Fozzy is the band that's fronted by my favorite wrestler, Chris Jericho. It's a mock band that does actual 80's metal songs under the premise that they are the actual songwriters.
Very cool!

OK, bye...

Saturday 11/4/00

"Look in my face
Look in my soul
I begin to stupify" - Disturbed

I'm listening to Disturbed, because I am.

Last night I hung out with Joey. We went to Longhorn because a "friend" of his works there. We PIGGED out. I LOVE Longhorn!
Coincidentally this the same Longhorn where I totally flipped for a fantabulously, beautifully hot server chickie and left her my number on the recepit.
She was working, and I'm pretty sure she didn't remember me...but at one point I thought she gave me a dirty look.
I'm probably flattering myself...sometimes I tend to see things in people's eyes that just aint there.
All that being said, I do hope to go there again soon. Real soon. Yummy.

I have no idea what's up for tonight, but I kinda hope I can hook up with my "date" from last weekend.

Oh, and a very happy B-day to the little Button-Nose!

Wednesday 11/1/00

"We are the lucky ones" - Bif Naked

No particular reason for the song lyrics.
Just happen to be listening to Bif Naked as I write this. She's so cool!

So it's fucking November already!
Damn! Time flies when you're miserable and suicidal, huh?

K I D D I N G !
(I'm not really miserable...)
HA, got you again!

No seriously, it being the beginning of November, a very good thing's about to happen...
Well, two, since tomorrow's my Sister's B-day, but also...
I can start listening to Christmas Music!!!
Trans-Siberian Orchestra, mutha-fuckas!!!

Sheesh, this seems like a very upbeat journal entry, which makes no sense because I just came from another annoying session of Creative Writing class!
Have I mentioned that that class sucks your fucking ass?
I kid you not...
Well, at least I got to look at that wacky chick's pictures again...this time from Halloween Horror Nights at Universal.
Looks like fun.
But overall, what an annoying class.

So I really gotta take the dog, my dog, to the Vet. That should be a nice, expensive ordeal.
Icon really has grown on me...and all things considered, he hasn't really been any trouble.

You know, I really need to start a photo section...including actual pictures of me...
So what if I'm Short and I'm fat and I'm bald and I'm ugly...Why the hell hide it? After all, we'll all be worm food sooner or later...