Tuesday 11/26/2002

There's some shit going on, but I had to post this BOOK REVIEW before I lost interest...

Sunday 11/24/2002

Shitty ass weekend, with the exception of watching a kick ass cover band Friday night (even though there was disappointment with-in that as well). Fucking guitarist wailed, even though they only played stuff that was about as old as me!
Besides it's always interesting watching "enlightened" white folks "dance".
And yeah, the quotation marks are there for a reason.

I think the Dolphins won...that would be two in a row...but I'll stay my cautious optimism for now.

No new movies this week, but I may see as many as four next week (4 day weekend!).

Fuck it, that's all.

Thursday 11/21/2002

So I went to the doctor the other day...I've been feeling like shit lately, well, physically. I've been feeling like shit emotionally, since, like, forever, but anyway, these doctors today....they don't do anything. Ask a few questions, look in your ears, nose and throat, and that's about it. I remember going to the doctor as a kid, and they were much more hands on.
Ha ha, very funny, no, it's not that I wanna get felt up by the doctor, but how do they really get a good idea about what's up with you if they stay on the other side of the room.
Well, they did take blood for testing, so hopefully I won't get a call one of these days asking me to come in for a face to face...

Everyday I see these older drivers all but terrorizing the streets. It's very scary.
I mean mostly it's annoying as hell, but for me it's scary because all I can think of is my dad. My older, rather sickly dad, who insists on driving around because God forbid he run out of cigarettes or not buy a lottery ticket, etc.
You know that famous character Tim Conway did known simplay as "the old man", well my Dad moves slower than that.
He doesn't need to be driving.
A lot of people out there driving don't need to be driving.

I think sometimes whoever designed this whole concept of life didn't read their own fine print...

Monday 11/11/2002

Oh my God, the Dolphins...why?

But seriously, I feel bad.

There's a lotta hurt going on around me, but I'm helpless to do anything about it.
Still, knowing everybody else's problems, only makes me feel worse about my own.
See, I know full well, and am often reminded that I'm the only one to blame for my situation. But these other people, they're victims of their environments. They didn't choose to be dealt the hand that they received.
I feel for them.

Fucking A.

Tuesday 11/5/2002

It's election day...
Could be interesting.

Fucking Dolphins!

I really had nothing else to write about, so, CARRIE.