Sunday, November 23, 2003

So itís been almost two weeks since my supervisor, a lady of 65 years, had her bad accident.
As of right now, she can manage to stand up by herself, but thatís about it when it comes to self sufficiency.
She doesnít have too many people here, so she calls me quite a bit, and Iíve visited her as much as I can, which is not fun, because after being at a faraway hospital, sheís since been moved to a nursing home. She must feel very young there, but itís very demoralizing, being around these aged folk who can do so little for themselves, and many of whom have lost touch with reality.
And since Iím the kind to over think things and worry about everything, Iím stressing over the fact that this lady will be alone in a nursing home over the holiday weekend. Thatís so sad.
I know Iíd hate that if it were meÖ

And then of course, thereís work. We are going through ugly growing pains, while trying to adjust to a fill in guy thatís helping us out while the lady in question is unavailable.
Which is another thingÖI worry so for her job securityÖpossibly even more than sheís worrying, and believe me, she is. I also worry about my own job security, to a certain extent. I mean, with all the scrutiny being placed on the accounting department right now, my flaws are sure to become very evident, if they havenít already.
Beware the proffered hand for itís twin may stab you in the backÖ

Monday, November 17, 2003

Fucking Dolphins...well, they DID win, but damn.

It was a horrible week, but my problems are the by-product of somebody else's horrible week, so I'll just wish her a speedy recovery and try not to bitch too much in the meanwhile...

Monday, November 10, 2003

So the fucking Dolphins are killing me...

I had a pretty blah weekend despite seeing three movies.
I also made it to Screamfest, a Horror Convention, but even that was blah because all I did was spend money needlessly and I didn't even get to see the one person I really went for. Not that it would have been very pleasant anyway, as I didn't have the script I've been promising her for two years...the one that never got past page four.
I did see Linnea Quigley, a former "scream queen" that I was crazy about for most of the Eighties. The years have not been kind, but mostly it seems, life hasn't been kind.
I didn't even walk up to her and talk to her...
Also there were Gunnar Hansen, the original LeatherFace from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the kinda chubby, kinda gay-ish guy from Beetlejuice, and even the first zombie you see in the classic Night Of The Living Dead. I think he was wearing the same suit from the movie. Weird.

So yeah, it was a relatively busy weekend, but a blah one just the same...

Friday, November 7, 2003

I, the Juror...
Well, almost.
After two grueling days of jury selection, I narrowly escaped.
When it came down to it, I truly thought I was gonna get picked.
I was nervous about it too. I mean, this was a first degree murder case.
I really wanted no part of that. Who am I to be the judge in something so important.
A fellow perspective juror said it best, "if I was on trial, I wouldn't want me as a juror".
It was all very interesting though, and I am curious as to what happens. I hope to be able to follow the trial next week. What a weird two days for me. I'm so's like, take me out of my little bubble, and damn, I'm just a lost, scared little boy. The real world is a huge place.
I'm kinda glad I rarely visit it.

Monday, November 3, 2003

Damn, November already...

Fucking Dolphins.

Anyway, went to a baby shower over the weekend.
No, Iím not gay.
Actually, it was very nice, and the expectant couple in question are two of my favorite people on the planet.
Really, I love those guys.
And there were M.I.L.F.ís a plenty...