Wednesday 12/27/00

"Who do I trust
Me, Myself, and I
Penetrate the smoke screen
I see through the selfish lie" - Metallica

Finally posted 4 new movie reviews...in the Movie section, oddly enough!

Finally visited Napster.
Damn thing's addictive (no, not as much as amihotornot.com)
I downloaded a bunch of songs...WOO HOO!
Had dinner at my sister's house (used her bigger, better, stronger computer to download the songs!)
Who woulda thunk she made such an awesome lasagna!
You go girl!

OK, that's it for now...nothing much to say...

Sunday 12/24/00

No quote today...too lazy to look for a cool Christmas song lyric.

So it's been an OK weekend so far, but not a particularly exciting one.

Seen 3 movies so far, plus one for a second time.
Might still be another one or two to go.

Christmas is excessively depressing...

Wednesday 12/20/00

"Hell is for heroes
You know who you are
Love is for fools
The pain and the scars
Heaven's for dreamers who pray to the stars
Hell is for heroes
Like me and you" - Lizzy Borden

Wow, Lizzy Borden.
Blast from the past. Haven't heard his stuff in ages.
But I love the new CD, Deal With The Devil. In fact I'm listening to it right now.

Had a God Awful day at work today. Fuckety Fuck-FUCK!
You know, I think I'm going senile. I swear to fucking God I do. It scares me. I mean if I act the way I do at 32, what the fuck's the future gonna hold for me.
I dunno, it's some pretty scary shit. I mean, I have a pretty shitty job, so if I fuck that up...oh boy.

In happier news, my Sis, the kids, and the hubby are coming down for the Holidays. Cool.
I hope everything goes well. I wanna take the kids to see the new Disney flick because I thought it was hilarious!

I saw some cool trailers this past weekend. Lotsa cool shit coming soon...
And the teaser poster for Planet of the Apes was COOL!

I really aint got nothing else to say right now...

Monday 12/18/00

"No one sees an angel, until it's smashed into the ground" - DIO

It's been a while, huh?
So where do I begin?

I saw two movies and went to a concert.
Reviews are in their respective areas…

It turns out that I had illegally, improperly, and most importantly UNKNOWINGLY been driving without car insurance for quite a while.
SEEMS that somehow my car insurance company got notice to change my billing address.
Well, of course their fuck up causes me all kind of problems…higher insurance fees and a pending situation with the state of Florida for having been driving all that time illegally. AAAARRRGGGHHH…very frustrating!
That story's not done yet…we'll see what happens next.

So school's done…for now.
I dunno if I'm going back again. Ever.
I know that makes me a loser, but hey, what can I say.
I just don't know what the hell to do with myself.

I finished Harry Potter Year 3. So far so good. I'm definitely gonna keep getting the new ones. I hope they get darker and darker...and that Hollywood doesn't fuck up the movie versions.

Now I started reading Pay It Forward. I dunno, I loved the movie, but the book, even though it came first, isn't doing it for me so far. Hollywood really changed this one big time...

I'm totally addicted to Am I hot or Not.com! I love it!

Um, I said it when they were 10-3, but now after the third consecutive loss, the Dolphins definitely suck.
Oh well...

OK, read this if ya want...

Tuesday 12/5/00

"She was meant to be wild
He was nearly a child
But they only could feel each other
They were paper and fire
Angel and Liar
The Devil of one another" - Dio

I haven't been here in a while, but I really don't feel like being here right now.
Not much going on, except:
We have a new receptionist at work.
She's cute, but married, with children.

Took Icon the hairy Akita to the vet and cut off his balls.
Well, you know what I mean...neutered.
He seems no worse for the wear...in fact, he seems exactly the same.
Got all his shots updated too.

I saw Unbreakable again. I really like it a lot.
Saw Wide Awake on video. An earlier film by M. Night Shyamalan, Writer-Director of Unbreakable and of course, Sixth Sense.
It's a family movie, but a deep, moving one.

Saw Pi on DVD. Great movie. From Darren Aronofsky, who just did Requiem for a Dream.
I'm so looking forward to his take on Batman!!!

In Film History, we watched Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, a violent British comedy written and directed by Guy Ritchie, who is now better known as Mr. Madonna .
What an awesome movie!
I dunno what else to say.
I bought some junk for my niece and nephew, who are pretty much gonna be the only recipients of holiday cheer for me this year.
I'm broke, and I'm cranky.
Bah Fucking Humbug