Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Well, since we last spoke, it seems the world has turned upside down.
At work, well, it's been ugly. Let's just leave it at this: the man who was basically running the show for the entire seven years I've been there (and many years before I got there) was terminated. I won't get into the reasons. Not important at the moment. What is important is that right now, the rest of us are sort of running on automatic, and I just hope the batteries don't start to die out soon.

Personally? Well, no, I aint going there right now.

But possibly most importantly to a fervent rocker such as I, is the fucking IDIOTS who run fucking CLEAR CHANNEL, possibly the worst radio monopoly in the history of man, decided Miami didn't need a (real) rock station and quietly and insidiously replaced local 94.9 Zeta (the New Rock Alternative) with some bullshit spic hip hop abortion. (I'm Hispanic by blood, I can say Spic. Relax.)Now, granted, Zeta sucked. They played the same shit, over and over, and it was mostly shit I didn't like, like Nirvana, STP, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Pearl Jam...over, and over, and over.
But it was a rock station. And when I didn't wanna hear yet another Eric Clapton or Elton John song on Big 105.9 the Classic Rock station, it was nice to switch over to Zeta and maybe get lucky and catch Slipknot's Duality or the RARE playing of a pre-"Black Album" Metallica cut. But no, these fuckers at Clear Channel made the decision to make Miami suck that much more.

Well, the good news is that people aren't taking thsi stupidity lying down, and the immediately launched a PETITION to get Zeta back on the air.
And yesterday, thanks to my buddy Jedi Master, I found out that a local Party Station, 93.1, has changed formats and is now called The New Rock 93.1. Very good, but unfortunately it seems to have just borrowed Zeta's old playlists.
Come on guys, there's so much more to Rock than just "grunge". Jesus.

Anyway, I hope that Clear Channel's stupidity and closed mindedness leads to another couple of rock stations popping up. Maybe the competition will inspire at least one of them to TRULY rock!

Monday, February 7, 2005

Well, no, I didn't see Boogeyman.
I know. It's sad really.

Fucking Patriots, huh?
These fuckers are pretty unbeatable.
Oh. Wait...The lowly Dolphins beat them this season, didn't they?
Heh. Thank God for small victories...

Actually, I basically watched the entire Super Bowl.
Kinda boring, really. The commercials were OK, with the Fed Ex Kinkos one being the best, in me 'umble opinion. But the one was the most, um, entertaining. DAMN! I want that girl. Somebody hook me up!!!

Actually, I was pretty pissed, because local WSVN, our Fox affiliate, self important fucks that they are, decided to go straight into the news, isntead of showing the Simpsons and American Dad episodes that Fox had advertised all day long as the post Super Bowl shows to watch. Fucking WSVN. I hate them.

Damn, I'm listening to, or something like that. It's one of those online radio stations.
They're actually playing Stars by Hear N Aid. Remember that?
The heavy metal answer to USA For Africa's We Are The World. I think Ronnie James Dio put it together, and it was a who's who of Eighties Metal, including a lot of great guitarists. I wish modern metal still glorified the guitar. Guitar solos fucking rule.
I am SO fucking rocking right now!

It'll be short lived though...
Sadly, I expect a brutally fucked up week.

Friday, February 4, 2005

I have nothing to write about.
Well, at least nothing I wanna write about, but I figured it was high time I start the February journal.
Maybe, if I'm not the world's biggest fairy, I'll see Boogeyman, and I'll post a review over the weekend.
More than likely, I'll chicken out like a litle bitch, and there won't be a new movie review.
Go figure.