MARCH 2003

Sunday, March 30, 2003

Well, it was a pretty cool weekend.
Friday night was a good friend's birthday, so we did this tradition of ours and ate at a cool restaraunt with his girlfriend and some other friends. It was a lotta fun. I have to admit, I always have a good time when I hang with that group.
Saturday night the birthday boy was subjected to a surprise party planned and organized by his gal and mom, and that too was a lot of fun. They did a great job of hatching the plan and keeping it a secret etc.

In other news I'be updated the movie section (Saturday) and finally added to the music section (Sunday).
Guess this will close out March.
See you in April...

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

I tried to post this yesterday, but couldn't, so here it is.

Not sure how I feel about this yearís Oscars.
I mean, on the one hand, Iím glad they happened because itís something I look forward to every year. But it also seemed a bit wrong.
I mean, there IS a war going on, right?

But oh well, they went on, and I have to admit, I crashed before the end.
But I saw what I wanted to see, Best Actor and Actress.
I kinda figured CHICAGO would win, and it did, so I didnít miss anything there. I woulda been pissed as Hell if Nicole Kidman didnít win for THE HOURS, but she did, and all is well with the world.
As for Adrien Brody winning for Best Actor, well, I think itís cool. I mean, I kinda wanted Nicolas Cage to get it for his awesome performance in ADAPTATION, but I kinda had a feeling Brody would get it, and didnít mind. I havenít seen his movie, but Iíve heard nothing but rave reviews.
And in interviews, he seems like a really cool guy.
And let me tell you what, it was either incredibly stupid to plant a big wet one on Halle Berry like that, or absolutely brilliant! All in all, his speech was great, albeit a bit too long and about to enter into the awkward zone before he stopped.
I saw Michael Moore win, but luckily changed the channel before his little tirade. I kinda like him, but his speech was inappropriate, at least in my humble opinionÖ

As for Roman Polanski winning Best DirectorÖ
I had expected Scorsese to win as a career thing, but kinda had a feeling that Polanski would get it. I get a feeling that maybe he was the most deserving of the nominees for the movies represented, but I woulda preferred if Peter Jackson of LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS would have been nominated AND won!

Sadly, even without War and controversy, this year more than ever I was painfully aware that the Oscars are kinda meaningless. I mean, above all anyway, they're symbolic, but not really all that special. At least not as special as I used to think they were.
Guess thatís it.

Other than that I must say my back is really sunburned and Iím an idiot for not wearing more sunscreen!

Friday, March 21, 2003

Again I'm choosing not to talk about what's happening in Iraq.
All I'll continue to say is that it scares me and saddens me.

Weekend's here.
No big plans, but at least it should be kind of busy, at least by my standards.
I definitely need the distraction...

Good news for me!
Jason Newsted,the former bass player for one of my fave bands of all time, Metallica, has just joined Ozzy's touring band!
AND, his other band, Voivod, has been added to Ozzfest 2003.
So come that fateful day in August, I'll get to see Mr. Newsted jam twice.
Damn, God bless his stamina!
This really is exciting news for me.
It's the little things that make me happy...

And the weirdest part about the whole thing is that Metallica's new bass player, Rob Trujillo, left Ozzy's band to join them. So it was a sort of unplanned switch-off.
Funkadocious indeed!

Thursday, March 20, 2003

I know there are big, significant, very important things going on I the world right now.
But I donít wanna face them. I donít wanna acknowledge them.
Iím an old man, but Iím just a frightened child, so the War, I know, is happening. But it isnít happening just "my world".

Now for something completely different, and utterly inappropriate.
I finally got my pics from MegaCon 2003 back, and while Iím loathe at displaying my less than appealing image on this site, I have to make an exception.
The pic isnít very good quality thanks to a cheapo camera, but I managed to pose with an extremely hot model name of Aria Giovanni. She is really quite yummy.
Her website is her name (AriaGiovanni.Com) but I donít wanna link it since itís an adult site.
I really donít go to her site, but Iíve definitely seen her on plenty of other sites.
Uh, in case you canít tell the difference, Iím the one with facial hair.

Monday, March 17, 2003

So I ended up having a pretty full Sunday after all.
My bud Chuban called up, so I ended up hitting both the Italian Renaissance Festival and the Miami Dade County Fair, which I still call the Youth Fair, even though the word "youth" hasn't been in the title for years now.
I've actually written about the Italian Renaissance Festival before, so I won't say much about it. Same old, same old. Etc.
But it was alright.

I hardly slept last night. Fucking annoying as hell.

I'm sitting at my old desk at work, because my computer's still on it.
My new desk has a computer on it, but it's not mine. Its just being loaded with all the crap we do all day. All these changes are stressing me out huge.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

So it's a pretty blah weekend, so nothing new there.
I'm actually doing this at 6:50 AM, because the power went out momentarily a little more than an hour ago and upon it's return the computer turned on and woke my ass up.

I posted a new movie review yesterday.

So tonight VH-1 is showing the 2003 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction ceremony.
My question is, Why isn't Black Sabbath in there?
At least, I'm pretty sure they're not.
And I'm not their biggest fan, but come on, they were very influential to rockers that have come since. I would dare say that they were more influential than AC/DC, who got in to the H.O.F. this year...

And speaking of Black Sabbath, I went ahead and bought a ticket to OzzFest 2003.
It's not til August, but the tickets went on sale, so I bought a ticket. One ticket.
I'll have to go by my lonesome. Story of my life.
Normally I would stay away from an all day thing like that, but I have to go this time, because making their American debut this time around is the freakish, Cradle of Filth!
It'll be my first time seeing a "Black Metal" band live. Their like a horror movie set to music. I don't think they're really "Satanic", but it's their image. You can bet that they've been influenced by Black Sabbath.
Anyway, there are a lot of things to see and do there, and a ton of bands perform at the show, and there are two stages. Even with Disturbed and Korn among others, and Ozzy himself there (which to me only matters because of his bad ass guitarist, Zakk Wylde) Cradle Of Filth is the reason I'm going.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

How incredibly awesome is it that Elizabeth Smart has been found alive and reunited with her family after being kidanpped nine months ago?
I was so happy to hear that news. I mean, tragically, it's so rare for people who have gone "missing" to be found, especially the young ones.
I'm really happy for her and her family.

And as for the freaks that took her, fuck you and die.

So I went to yet another MOVIE last night.
Am I just not the coolest person, like ever?

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

I actually went to a movie.
That was last night, and I posted a REVIEW last night, but I was too lazy to come in here.
I might go see another movie during the week too.
Look around...

Sunday, March 9, 2003

Yeah, no movie this weekend.
I did buy THE RING on DVD. I'm not planning on seeing it anytime soon though because that shit freaked me out. I also got The Mighty because it's a great little flick based on an even better book.
Speaking of books, I just finished Red, by Jack Ketchum. It also included a novella by him called The Passenger. The book was in the Horror Section, but neither story was typical horror. No ghosts, zombies, or even vampires, which I don't consider horror anyway. No these stories were about the evil that men do. Pretty brutal stuff.
People can really suck.
I'm about to start The Catcher in the Rye. All my life I've heard so much about it I figured I may as well see what all the fuss was about. I wannna finish fast though, because among the stuff I have waiting in the wings is one from Clive Barker that seems kinda cool.

Damn, I really had no reason to come in here today, huh?
Weekends kinda suck too.

Friday, March 7, 2003

Got absolutely nothing to say, but since I'm prolly not seeing a movie this weekend, I figured I'd come in here now instead of not updating for a while.
That made no sense.

I might take some accounting classes soon.
Boss says if I pass them, he'll reimburse me for the $$$.
Fair enough.

I have a headache.
I always have a fucking headache.

It's all just so fucking frustrating, isn't it?

Tuesday, March 4, 2003

This past weekend was pretty cool. Went to Megacon in Orlando with Pal Joey and his Gal.
Orlando was OK, and the Con was pretty cool.
Lots of people in costumes, etc.

Guess that's it for now. Don't really feel like writing much.