MARCH 2004

Monday March 29, 2004

Back to work, huh?
Things here are kind of crazy. We're in one of our heavy evolution stages.
I get kinda stressed when we're in this phase...

I can't believe how much money Scooby Doo 2 made this weekend, and how little JERSEY GIRL made. Jersey Girl is great. A sweet little flick. As for Scooby..., sheesh. I was way early for Jersey Girl, so I went in to Scooby for a few minutes. Sure, it was near the end, and way out of context, but oh my God, it was terrible! Made the first one look like Casablanca...

Saturday was kinda cool because we got together and had a birthday dinner for the FILM GEEK! And I finally got to meet a little baby that was born way back on December 16, which also happens to be the Jedi Master's B Day...

April's almost here...

Thursday March 21, 2004

Damn, but I've been pretty slow with updating.
I just posted a MOVIE had been almost a month since my last one. Damn.
Anyway, so yeah, I don't really feel like writing anything here right now.
I could get into how yet another "friend" from work quit under duress (as opposed to getting fired, which is what usually happens to any one I befriend there)but I really don't wanna.
I hope she ends up OK. I'm sure we'll lose contact. It always happens that way.

This coming Friday, 3/26/04, DADDY LIKES is performing again.
Same place and time as the last time I mentioned it...

Thursday March 11, 2004

I was too lazy to watch the whole thing, and then write an actual review, but last night I did watch plenty of the new DVD called: Opeth (Live At Shepherd's Bush 2003). As you can see, I've moved Opeth to the top of my favorite bands list. I just can't get over what a talented bunch of guys they are. And enigmatic too, even though the DVD has a documentary of sorts where each guy talks a bit. It's amazing to me how these guys can be so soft and melodic and ethereal and then so crunchy and heavy but always beautifully dark. I have to admit, I haven't exactly studied their lyrics, so I dunno if they're singing about killing puppies and what not, and I don't like the "growling" singing that happens almost as much as the clean singing, but I can live with it. It's a very cool DVD, and I only have the three most recent CDs, but methinks I shall expand on that too. I have a feeling the earlier I go, the heavier and growlier they'll be, but I'll definitely give them a try.

I also moved Dream Theater up to number Two, on the strength of Train Of Thought, their amazing most recent CD. These guys are so damn good. Ironically, though you wouldn't think to associate them with Opeth at all, in the grand scheme of things, they could both fall under the same sub-genre of Metal: "progressive metal"...albeit the two extremes there of.

Well, this was more a music thing than a journal thing, but, oh well, you know...

Monday March 8, 2004

To all of those who didn't attend the DADDY LIKES show, you missed a great one. With new singer Janice, the guys have really tightened up and kicked it up a notch. It was great!
I couldn't bring myself to leave I stayed for the whole all in all, I had less than 2 and a half hours of sleep before getting up to drive to Orlando.
Not good.
Orlando was...OK.
My hat's off to my buddy, the Jedi Master, who put up with my incessant bitching.
And he was a big help through a weird and ugly part of Saturday...THANKS AGAIN!!!
MegaCon 2004 was a bust...nothing to talk about really.
Wonderworks was OK, but pretty disappointing over all.
So basically what I'm saying is the trip to Orlando wasn't worth the $$$.

Wednesday March 3, 2004

My dad's been back home since Monday night.
He's still kind of weak, but at least he's out of the hospital.
I'd like to say thank you to all the well wishers. I appreciate it.

So it looks like it's a lock: Kerry Vs Bush.
God, I wish I cared.
I'm so not a grown up...

I hear McDonalds is doing away with the whole "super sized" thing.
We're not all on a diet.
I need to be on one, and badly, but damn it, if I want a gallon of soda, I want a gallon of soda!

As I write this, my favorite song of all time, Metallica's Fade TO Black plays in the background. What is it about a suicidal song that warms the heart so?

Oh, another reminder that DADDY LIKES is playing Friday night!!!

Monday March 1, 2004

I'm pretty happy with the winners of the Academy Awards.
I mean, I basically nailed every major category anyway, but you know.

I really don't think Renee Zellweger had to win...I woulda preferred Marcia Gay Harden or that beautiful Iranian lady, or Patricia Clarkson, but oh well.
I'm glad The Lord Of The Rings ruled them all, because that was one hell of an accomplishment for all involved...

So my Dad's still in the hospital, since Feb 18.
Fuck. Not fun.
They put a defibrillator in him...sort of like a little pace maker, but not exactly.
I dunno when he gets to go home yet.
It's all very stressful...

So um, Mel Gibson made some spare change over the weekend, huh?
THE PASSION... raking in the dough. Damn.