APRIL 2002

Monday 4/29/02

"I imagine that a person so aware of his insanity should be be able to awaken from it and return to a pattern of thought and action consistent with who he truly is and what he understands, but that is not the case."
- From Escobar Falls by Stewart von Allmen

Friday 4/26/02

There's a disclaimer on the top. Read that before you attack me...

Friday 4/19/02

"The one thing in the lives of you mortals that you can never change, no matter how hard you try to deny it, is your desire for love."
- from Tool Of Enslavement, by Rick Reed

Wednesday 4/17/02

Years ago, in the X-Men comic books, a young British lady went through what could only be called a machine of sorts called the “Siege Perilous”, and suddenly she was transformed into this really hot Asian looking chick named Psylocke whose superhero costume happens to be nothing more than a thong style one piece bathing suit thing. She also had some sort of psychic powered mental blade thing, but truth be told she may have had that before her big make-over. Anyway, I believe she may have been one of the first of the comic book ladies to wear such little clothes…a beginning of a trend that I applauded actually, known as the “bad-girl comics”.
But that’s neither here nor there.
I simply wish I could go through a “Siege Perilous” of my own and become somebody else.

Well, but I’d hafta end up with a seriously hot bod to wear that kinda outfit though.

Wednesday 4/10/02


Tuesday 4/9/02

As happy as I was with VAN WILDER, I'm really pissed about having lost the reviews to Big Trouble and especiallyKissing Jessica Stein. I thought about redoing the Stein one, but I'm just to fucking lazy. But really, it's a great flick and I highly recommend it.

Speaking of movies, a co-worker here did the unthinkable...based only on seeing a rhino on the movie poster, he took his little boy (5, 6 years old?) to see DEATH TO SMOOCHY! That's just wrong!
He says he ended up walking out and that the movie sucked, but I'm sorry, that's just ignorance. I realize there are much more important things in the world than movies, but would it kill you to do a little research before taking a child into a Rated R movie and then bitching when it turns out to not be the fucking Care Bears Movie?

Sunrise Musical Theatre is closing down...to become a church.
Jesus Fucking Christ, that's just wrong!
I haven't been there all that many times, but damn it, it was a nice mid-size place for bands to play, and it was an easy drive and convenient, you know. It was small enough that you could actually see the performers and the sound was good. My last two shows there were QUEENSRYCHE and most recently the amazing TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA.
Lotsa good memories there. Gonna miss it.

Monday, 4/8/02

So I went to BK for lunch because I'm all about health and apparently the fact that I look like a beached whale has not sufficiently motivated me to lose weight, or at least TRY to lose weight, when this weird lady sits at the table closest to me.
I know she was weird immediately because there was a big hole in her pants, and it didn't look like a cool "my jeans have a hole by the knee" hole, but merely like a hole.
Anyway, I decided not to look at her directly because I attract strange people and I didn't feel like having a converstaion with anybody at the moment, especially a strange woman.
(She looked about fifty something, and I freely admit that I might have looked more if she were younger and better looking, because I am that much of an asshole)
Anyway, I tried my best not to look over at her but as I tried to scarf down my small but fattening meal, it felt like she was just sitting there looking at me.
I ignored her as long as I could, but then she slowly started softly banging the table with her fists. This made me look over as I thought she was trying to get my attention and I was worried I was being rude to some one. But no, she wasn't looking at me, she was simply sitting there, occasionally hitting the table and talking to her self quietly.
It was so sad and disturbing...
Then she became a little more animated and as I finally fisnished my food, and walked away she was, rather indiscreetly, singing a Carpenter's song.
I felt really bad for this person. It's weird because I truly believe that there is something wrong with me, you know, emotionally, mentally, what have you, but then I see something like that and I figure I could be a lot worse.
But then I start to worry that I'm only 33...
Is that my future?
If I make it to 50, will I be a vegetable or some kinda nut case?
Uh boy...

Sunday, 4/7/02

It's a good thing that I constantly remind people that I am in no way, shape or form a professional. I say this because I saw two movies, Big Trouble and Kissing Jessica Stein, and then I wrote two reviews, but then some how my computer crashed, and some how the reviews weren't saved and now they're lost.
And I aint writing them again.
So to sum up my lost reviews, both movies were good, but I definitely recommend Kissing Jessica Stein. It's a great movie!

I really hate Sundays!!!

Tuesday, 4/2/02

Over the last month I've seen two different cars completely engulfed by flames on the highway, and one car that had obviously had the front end burned out.
Like, what's up with that?

I hardly slept yesterday, so I'm at work ridiculously early.
Isn't this fun?