APRIL 2004

Thursday April 29, 2004

Three days in a row. Hmmm.
I know obsession is a bad thing.
Really I do.
And I know what I'm doing isn't healthy...
Really I do.
And I know that what I once thought just may be a glimmer of hope is fading quicker than I care to admit...
But like the song says, "love is control, I'll die if I let go..."

Wednesday April 28, 2004

Two days in a row.
Too bad it's not for something nice...

I was already feeling down, when on the drive in to work today, I saw a dark black shape dart out from the sidewalk, and right into a car's tire.
The cat lay there twitching...
It was awful.
I could only hope no other cars hit it, but if it meant a quicker death, maybe that would have been for the best.

Poor cat.
I wish animals had a better sense of danger...
With so many fucking people on the road, they hardly stand a chance...

Tuesday April 27, 2004

Once again, I have nothing to say, but feel an obligation (why, I have no idea) to keep this thing alive. Maybe I figure (or at least hope) to someday have plenty to talk about here, you know?

It hasn't been a great month.
I mean, it's had some good times, but it's also had some lows, which I know seems par for the course, but these lows are, um, lower.
But I don't feel like getting into them, as I'm hoping things get better.

I have been thinking of one thing more than usual lately...
I would be a terrible parent. Really. It's a good thing that I never became one. Sadly.
I really don't feel like backing up my statement, a sign that I'm just not a good writer, but yeah, I'll just leave it at that...

Saturday April 10, 2004

So yeah, it's been a while.
But you know me, nothing's changed.
Still hating life and hating work, and doing nothing to better myself.
I guess there's something to be said for consistency.

I've been spending more and more time with a good friend, my best friend, really. But she's so much more than that.
Well, to me anyway.
But I'm not supposed to see it that way, or think about it really, and definitely not talk about it...
Well, at least I haven't posted any new sad puppy dog poems of romantic woe, right?