MAY 2004

Monday May 31, 2004

I wanted to come in here and "wrap up" the month of May.
But really, I have nothing to say. Nothing new to report...nothing new to bitch about.
Just more of the same...

Wednesday May 26, 2004

I just spent $1200 on my car…
Well, over not quite the last three months…
If I was to try and sell my car, I prolly couldn’t even get that much for it!!!
That wasn’t the plan, but one month I had some stuff taken care of…
And then the next month something else came up, which basically led to one more thing, and well, $1200 later, here I am…
…passing the misery on to you!

That’s been a major part of my emotional roller coaster lately…

And then there’s work.
Joyous, wonderful work.
Where in less than a calendar week, two poor souls have been let go.
(The second one of which I had no idea and rudely dismissed his attempt at “goodbye” as a silly joke on his part…luckily somebody finally told me he was gone and I managed to find him before he left the office and apologized profusely)
And one more may be getting the axe as early as Friday.
While yet another’s job hangs by the most delicate of the threads…
All that takes an emotional toll on me to begin with, because despite my being an asshole, I don’t like to see nice people get hurt. It also physically adds to my job…not that I’m really swamped already, but let’s just say that deadlines will now be that much deadlier.

And then there’s the other stuff.
That perpetual other stuff.
That’ll always be there…

Wednesday May 19, 2004

So I really don't have anything to talk about, but I do wanna apologize for the ridiculous number of pop ups associated with this website. I use the Google Pop Up Blocking Tool Bar, and still, it's too much.
It sucks, but there's really nothing I can do at this point...

Oh, wait, I do have something...
Yesterday was my parents' 46th wedding anniversary.
And hard to believe, all things considered...

Thursday May 6, 2004

I thought my cold was gone, but there is still an annoying amount of phlegm.
Phlegm's such a pretty word.

I'm very upset.
Nothing is working right, and it's really bringing me down...
I did something with the best of intentions...a labor of love, if you will, and it came out like garbage. Sure, the thought's what counts, but that's bullshit.
The end result won't have the effect I wanted, and it just sucks.

And then there's something I've been working on, and I know I have to get it just right, and I don't know what the fuck to do with it. I have basic ideas, but that won't get the job done.

If only I could back to the beginning...
When I was standing in line and waiting for a brain...
This time around I wouldn't leave empty handed...

Monday May 3, 2004

Welcome to May.
I don't think it'll be a good month.
I dunno...I worry a lot.

I've been sick with a cold and stuff.
Not fun.

On my PAL'S recommendation I rented Equilibrium, a very cool sci-fi flick starring Christian Bale, the new (and future?) Batman. Very cool indeed, and the quote on my home page, comes from that movie.
Well, via WB Yeats, of course...