JUNE 2002

Friday 6/28/02

I suuck in a MOVIE during work hours! Woo Hoo!
I really, really, really need and want to go to Disney World!!!
Who's with me?

Thursday 6/27/02

My good friend Jedi Master (surprisingly, not his real name) only recently discovered my writing section here in this waste of space I call AJ'S LITTLE PIECE OF MISERY. Apparently he was quite taken aback by the melodramatic drivel I spew...
I guess although he's known me for some 11 years now, and he's always known I was weird and depressed and dark, he really didn't know just how fucked up I am.
Well, him being rather creative himself ( I once posted something he wrote called I DESPAIR) he sent me a poem about me.
No, it aint pretty, and while he doesn't hit below the belt, he certainly doesn't pull any punches either.
He says it's how he sees me...and it's remarkable just how clearly he nailed me.
Anyway, here, exactly as he sent it, is WHAT HE WROTE.

Wednesday 6/26/02

I don't really feel like being in here right now, but I thought I should mention that I adjusted my LILO & STITCH review because my bud JOEY helped me out by sending me a half a star, so now my reviews can be a little more accurate.
I really appreciate him doing that for me. It looks weird because the half star isn't animated like the others, but I'll keep it like that for now, and maybe start searching for new gifs, or something.

Thursday 6/20/02

Nothing new but another happy little POEM...

Wednesday 6/19/02

So yesterday marked 16 years out of high school.

Last night I watched American Beauty on DVD.
I hadn't seen it since it's initial theatrical release. What a great movie and what great performances.
Actually, that was my very first MOVIE REVIEW on this cheesy little site of mine...

So yesterday I was bored, depressed, and restless (I know, I'm like that everyday)so I e-mailed my FRIEND something kinda weird, even for me. He told me I should post it in my journal, so I will (he actually had to send it back to me because I had already deleted it!).
I hope it doesn't make seem...weird.
Anyway, here it is:

- Dude, the realization that youíre not gonna get laid again is an ugly, ugly realization. I mean, Fucking A, itís really bad, you know?
Whatís funny is that Iím not as desperate to get laid as I am to go down on some one.
You know, itís like an open invitation to any female out there to (take a shower, maybe two if thatís the case and) let me have at it.
I mean, just let me go to town on that thing...
Fucking A. -

Sunday 6/16/02

What a horrible realization.
As pathetic and appalling as it sounds, I now prefer the 40 hour work week to my time off. I'm just no good with my brain in idle. At least during a lot of those 40 hours, my brain is otherwise occupied.
That must be why I see so many movies, an attempt to step outside of my existence, two hours at a time.

Jesus I'm pathetic...

Wednesday 6/12/02

Fucking A, life really sucks, huh?
I mean, fuck, I amaze myself with just how deep into the abyss I seem to push myself, and those around me.
And those fucking "inner-demons", the one I ttried to wax poetic on in TORMENT, they are fucking relentless and I swear to God (if only he/she/it were real)they're pushing me over the edge.

And since everything else is so splendid, my back is still a pain, and is now being accompanied by some hip thing. I'm only 33, hip replacement should be pretty far off, right?

Sunday 6/9/02

Wow a suck ass weekend.
I barely left the house...apart from the fact that I have no life, I've also been nursing a seriously sore back. I dunno what I did to hurt it, hopefully it's not just my weight!
But really, it hurts a lot. Getting in and out of my car is a nightmare, as is getting in and out of bed.
Fucking A, you know?

No new movies for me this weekend, but I guess the back pain kept me from going through withdrawals...

So you may have noticed that I put a picture of myself on the homepage.
I know it's not much, but it is a big step for me. I've had this site for 3 years, and have been pretty private about myself...even when revealing "deep thoughts" I tend to talk in riddles and rarely spew anything all that revealing. But my appearance has been a "secret", for lack of a better term until now. The picture is actually almost a year old, and despite the look, it was taken during a much happier time in my life.
Hell, I was even getting laid then...
Anyway, I figured the picture came out weird enough that I may as well post it. So if you've been coming to my site but had no idea what I look like, there you go.
I guess you won't be coming back now, huh?

Sunday 6/2/02

Nothing but movies this weekend.
Yeah, I have no life.