JULY 2000

Saturday 7/29/00

There's a new movie review up
OK, go away

Wednesday 7/26/00

"You're running away
Don't you know what you're doing
Can't you see it'll lead you to ruin
Charlotte you've taken your life and you've thrown it away
You believe
That because what you're earning
You're life's good
Don't you know that you're hurting
All the people that love you
Don't cast them aside
All the men that are constantly drooling
That's no life for you stop all that screwing
You're packing your bags and you're coming with me" - Iron Maiden

I'm not sure what I was gonna say today.
Mayhaps I've said enough...

Tuesday 7/25/00

"Don't dream of women
Cause they'll only bring you down" - Dio

So I have absolutely nothing to say.
Nothing worthwhile anyway.
These mood swings of mine really get annoying sometimes. Even to me.
I swear I gotta be a psychiatrist's / psychologist's / therapist's ( I dunno which title applies)wet dream!
I wonder what some "trained professional" would make of the swampy quagmire (that's redundant!)that is my mind! ( That's pretentious!)
But I mean it...

Sunday 7/23/00

"He is our God
Creator of All"
Unless you accept Him
You'll continue to fall" - Stryper
Sometimes, I wish I could believe…

So Pal Joey took me out to a belated B-Day dinner. He's good people like that.
And the food was yummy.!
Anyway, I don't really feel like saying much today.
I don't feel like doing much, but I've got so much to do it's scary.
Anyway, I posted a couple of movie reviews today...

Wednesday 7/19/00

"You've got a lot to learn
Your head's up your ass
You've got a lot to learn
You've got no class
Why don't you use your head" - Overkill
I added something to My Writing...BUT...it might seem to be very similar to my last addition...BUT "Essence" was written on the spur of the moment last week, while I only rediscovered BloodLust yesterday...and it's from June of 97!
So don't cry foul to me!
Oh, and everything else still sucks, etc...

Monday 7/17/00

"Happiness I can not feel
And love to me is so unreal" - Black Sabbath
Actually it's very real...but, in my expericence anyway, extremely painful

I have nothing to say save that I finished, and very much enjoyed, the first Harry Potter book.
I am also quite happy with the success of the X-Men movie over the weekend.
Now I have absolutely nothing to say, because believe it or not, I DO not want to talk about Her here very day.
No, really...

Saturday 7/15/00

"Where's the lights, turn them on again
One more night to believe and then
Another note for my requiem
A memory to carry on
The story's over when the crowds are gone" - Savatage
Well, in a shocking turn of events, today sucked too.
At least I liked the movie I saw, even though I ended up going ALONE again, naturally.
There's a review in the movie section...

Friday 7/14/00

I fucked up at work. Again.
But this one really bothers me because I basically ended up screwing over a temp who needed her money, but quick.
What happened was that she had called me yesterday to ask me to hold her check and NOT mail it as usual. But then we actually started talking.
Since I have absolutely no social skills, I was shy and awkward and when we hung up I forgot to make note that she was gonna pick up her check today.
So at the regular time, I went and mailed out all the checks that weren't accounted for.
Including hers.
I wasn't back in the office five minutes when she showed up.
All I could do was apologize over and over and ensure her it was all my fault and it wouldn't happen again.

I am the biggest fucking idiot on the fucking planet...

Wednesday 7/12/00

I can't even think of a quote.
I'm so depressed right now, that even if I wanted to do something bad to myself, I wouldn't even have the will to lift my self out of this chair to do it.
I added something to My Writing section.
It's pure emotion, and therefore will seem very, very melodramatic, so don't bother reading it.

Tuesday 7/11/00

So I added a picture to my links page!
Now maybe I should add some links too?
Well, I started the first of the Harry Potter books.
So far so good...but I hope it gets a little, I dunno, edgier. The author, JK Rowling seems like a softer, gentler Neil Gaiman, and coming from me, that's high praise indeed.

Monday 7/10/00

"Lay beside me, this won't hurt I swear
She loves me not, she loves me still,
but she'll never love again" - Metallica
I was right I guess...the weekend was not yet over when I posted an update yesterday, and I ended up having a very nice night with, well, you know.
It wasn't all great...we talked about something that we hadn't discussed much lately, and then later things got, um, troubled, for a little while.
Still, most of the night was VERY nice...and she even took me to my favorite food stuff place...the good old Chinese buffet...
Oh and I must make a correction of sorts, Pal Joey might have taken up smoking, or non-smoking if you follow his demented logic, but at least they are Black Clove cigarettes, and not no ordinary drug store cancer sticks! He'll still make himself sick, but at least he'll look semi-Goth doing it...

Sunday 7/9/00

"It was the best of times,
It was the worst of times…" - Charles Dickens

And so I've completed my 31st year on this Godforsaken Earth.
Actually, I chose that Dickens quote for a reason. (Not that I ever read the book it's from, A Tale Of Two Cities )
This past year has been both the best and the worst for me.
Unfortunately both the best and worst times have dealt with one person, and while I have nothing against her, I should have my own life, and not need the outside influence in order to be content.

All that being said, my birthday wasn't anything to sing about.
I mean, I can't really complain I guess, but here I go anyway…Nah. Fuck it.
It wasn't a bad weekend overall. Still it is early and it's not really over yet.
The weekend started very promisingly (I have no idea if promisingly is even a word)
My pal Joey, (yeah him, who has now taken to smoking Clove cigarettes, even though he doesn't considering it smoking because he doesn't inhale, which I think is sorta bullshit, but hey they're his lungs)
sent me a very cool gift. He sent me Neil Gaiman's book, The Day I Swapped My Father for Two Goldfish! Neil Gaiman's my favorite writer and this is his only book I don't have, so Thank you Joey, you're pretty fucking cool!

I also had a huge free dinner courtesy of the Chuban, and a huge free lunch courtesy of my oldest sister and her beau. So I thank them too.
Like I said, the weekend isn't really over yet, so who knows, maybe some other good stuff will happen…

Oh I saw Scary Movie…see my review in the movie section.

So this Harry Potter mania is kinda freaky huh? I'm actually excited about starting book one.
Jesus Christ I am such a fucking dork.

I am so totally crazy about Iron Maiden's Brave New World. DAMN, what an amazing CD!
OK, I'm outta here…

Friday 7/7/00

"I reach to the sky
And call out your name
If I could trade, I would" - The Offspring
I really have nothing to say.
I just hope the weekend doesn't suck too much.

Tuesday 7/4/00

"Tell me you want me
And I won't believe you
I feel the frustration
Love is the slowest form of suicide
I feel the frustration" - Crease
So I did it. I had four days off, so I saw six, count them, six movies.
L O S E R ! ! !
Hey what can I say except that I am in major need of a, what's that word again, LIFE!
The last movie I saw was Chicken Run, a review of sorts is available in the movie section.
But I have to say, that was the third kids type movie I saw this weekend, so three fucking times I had to sit through the worst fucking movie trailer in the history of cinema, Thomas and the Magic Railroad!
Jesus Fucking Christ what a nightmare! What the hell was Alec Baldwin thinking? What, did he tell Kim, "OK honey, you go win an Oscar and suddenly get some respect from Hollywood, and I'll go make the stupidest fucking movie of all time. And I'll overact intensely while I'm at it!"?
OK, I'll quit my bitching.
Back to work tomorrow, and damn it, it's gonna suck!
I bought the first of the Harry Potter books. Let's see what all the hubbabaloo is all about.
Of course, I read slower than OJ's slow speed chase, so they'll be up to book ten by the time I'm done.

Monday 7/3/00

"Kill, it's such a friendly word
Seems the only way of reaching out again" - Metallica
So I saw more movies, and I discuss them in the movie section.
As you can imagine I am not thrilled that my long weekend is quickly coming to an end.

So anyway, I go to the movies by myself (loser) and I see this hot blond chick. Of course I take a quick look, but I quickly look away when I realize she's with this huge black guy.
I forget about them and go inside the lobby. Inside the lobby I quickly start paying attention to them again when I realize they are standing with OJ Simpson.(Insert "tun-tun-tun-tuuunnn" music here).
I couldn't believe it. They walked out because the movie was still a few minutes away. I went inside the auditorium and picked a seat.
A few minutes later I'm looking around, and walking to seat in the row right behind mine was OJ Simpson himself. Since I was looking right at him, he looked right at me and said, "how you doing".
I grunted a hello back to him and looked away kinda quickly. He ended up sitting just a few chairs down from me, but in the row behind me.
So then the big black guy and the hot blond chick come in and sit next to him, which means the big black, whom I think I recognize but am not sure, is sitting practically behind me. I swear when I see the hot blond chick sitting between the two, I'm thinking, "for the Love of God woman, run! Save yourself!"
Needless to say, I was both horrified, but fascinated by the fact that this man was so near me.
I tried to listen to their conversation since they were so close, but all I really heard was OJ saying that "the special effects in the Perfect Storm were supposed to be very innovative", and some sort of wise crack about having to be a big Mel Gibson fan to sit through a three hour movie.
When the movie actually started, I couldn't help but think ugly thoughts.
I mean, there's a lot of blood in this movie, a lot of which is brought about by stabbing and chopping.
All the while I couldn't help but think that this man was accused of doing the very same thing. I mean, was he watching this and feeling guilty? Was he watching and thinking, hmm, I like that technique?
Who knows, right?
Maybe I shouldn't say this, but during one particularly brutal attack scene, he did giggle a little. Really.
Anyway, so I sat through this nearly three hour movie while all the while having one of the most infamous men in American history right by me.
Oh, and for the record, I walked out right behind them, and he drove a SUV…but it was black instead of white.

Sunday 7/2/00

"Under wandering stars I grow
By myself, but not alone" - Metallica
Well, it's a long weekend, and nothing particularly special is going on. As a matter of fact, I'm kinda bored, bummed, and bitter.
I did add some stuff in the movie section though, so if you're as bored as I am, go check it out.