Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I think I'm BiPolar.
No, really.

So anyway I stopped into a 24 hour drugstore this morning on the way into work to buy some diet soda (I'm addicted, and I like to buy it in different varieties because I like to mix it up like that. Life on the edge. I'm a madman.)and this STUPID woman is struggling with the self swipe card machine thingy. She must have been trying it for 10 minutes or more. Stupid. Finally she says she'll pay cash and leaves. I happen to walk out right after her because thankfully another cash register opened up and I was done before her! STUPID! Anyway, turns out she's parked right next to a fucking Hummer! Stuipid bitch! Fucking mornon drives a Hummer. I mean, I hate Hummers, I think they're pretentious cries for attention, but the fact that that stupid idiot that can't use a credit card swipe thingy drives a Hummer is proof that the end of the world is near and damn it, maybe that's a good thing.

Friday, August 18, 2006

I've come to realize that I'm extremely selfish, self centered and egocentric.
People have hinted at that to me before, but they didn't mean it the way I do.
What I mean is I'm antisocial to a fault, and for the most part prefer to be alone for many of my daily activities, and if I didn't see another soul for many hours at a time, I'd be very OK with that.
I hate social obligations. I hate having to "play nice". I like to wear funny shirts cause I like them and want to, not to start a conversation. It's a big hallway, stay on your side, leave me on my side, and if I'm looking down, obviously I'm not planning to say "hi". Jesus fucking Christ, just leave me alone. You know, sometimes.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

About time I get in here and do some damage.

Last week was MA1's birthday. My wonderful girlfriend is now a young 34. I think (I hope?) that overall we had a nice week together.

So I've been watching RockStar: SuperNova, and damn, it kinda sucks. Not that some of the singers aren't talented, they are. But none of them seems like they belong with a band that SHOULD rock like any band featuring members of Metallica, Motley Crue, Guns & Roses, et al, should rock. (Not that I have much faith in this band being more than an a one off anyway.)
But anyway, I have to think that there are thousand upon thousands of actual rockers that either did or should have auditioned. Guys and gals with rocker looks, attitudes, and most importantly, voices. You know, future Dickinsons, Dios, Roses and Tylers.
Instead we get "pop" singers who struggle when they really try to rock.
Oh, and that one little guy who totally butchered "Creep", one of my favorite all time songs! AAARRGGHH!!!!

OK, enough about all that.