Thursday, September 29, 2005

In two weeks I'm trying a new doctor.
This could be good.
But this could be very bad.

My other doctor and I discussed this annoying, and more than just uncomfortable, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. My left arm is constantly tingling and hurting. It's too much.
I hope this doesn't lead to surgery, as I am not a friend to anasthesia...

I've been on a dog kick lately, but it's pretty apparent the time isn't right.
I'm not even sure what type I'd want. I thought I'd want something really small, but more and more, I'm wanting something bigger and bigger. That wasn't a double entendre, you sick fucks! Anyway, yeah. No dog for now...

Anybody want a ferret?
I know one that wants a good home.
I can't remember if it's a boy or a girl though...

Monday, September 26, 2005

Hmm. The Dolphins are 2-1.
Not bad for a team that royally sucked last season!

So a coworker of mine just said I'm full of negative energy and that once it was kind of funny, but now it's just really annoying. He's right of course, but still I hope he chokes on his next mouthful of sperm.
Oh, I'm sorry...was that negative?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Anybody else as surprised as I am that the Dolphins won the season opener (which was also their home opener)?
I mean, I'm glad, but surprised.
Now we just need those fucking Marlins to lose and end their season, so the Dolphins can reclaim their own stadium, and it'll no longer have that stupid baseball diamond messing everything up!

I read a fucked up book called Grimm Memorials by an R. Patrick Gates, which I thought was new, but it was only new for the company that just published it; It was actually from 1990.
Anyway, it was shocking because there was tons of violence (nothing new to the books I tend to read) but a lot of the violence, described in detail on page after page, was performed on kids. I mean, this was bloody, and while not sexual towards the kids, all the murdered children were naked at the time. We're talking Faust levels of violence, but at least Faust had the decency to only involve adults.
(In case you didn't know, Faust was a pornographic, ultra-violent comic book in the late 80's - early 90's, written by David Quinn, and drawn by the great Tim Vigil, who seemed to excel at drawing gorgeously beautiful women doing truly attrocious things.
Faust was made into a very bad B-Movie in the later 90's, so if you ever want to see a woman's boobs get so big they literally blow up, go ahead and rent it.)

Why, yes, I am seeing a head doc...why do you ask?

Friday, September 9, 2005

I've come to realize that along with the Carpel Tunnel Syndrome I have in my right arm, I now have it in my left as well. So now I sleep with a brace on each wrist.
I know things could be much worse than that, but you know me, I just have to bitch about everything.

Thursday, September 8, 2005

Don't really have much to say.
But I realized I hadn't started September yet, so I figured I'd better think of something...

The images from the Gulf Coast, and specifically New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina have been mind numbing. That kind of devastation, which almost makes you say Andrew who?, is just horrifying. I can't imagine living through the storm itself, or dealing with the aftermath. All one can do is wish them the best, and help however one can...