Wednesday, 9/29/99

When is an office not an office? When the important employees are no longer employed there! Fucking A! I mean, part of me is laughing with glee at the position the asshole bosses are put in now; Fucking idiots deserve it!
But my glee quickly turns to horror because I realize it's going to be utter chaos until those employees are replaced AND fully trained, and that could be quite a while! Also, there is nobody really left to train them...I guess the bosses themselves will have to do it, and well, that's just gonna be ugly!
Man, I just hope something good happens soon...

Monday, 9/27/99

Well, nothing new and exciting to write about. At least there are now only 4 days left of the work week!
I saw an OK movie this past weekend, Mumford. It was OK, but not really worth me writing an actual movie review type thing.
Wow, I guess that's it.

Friday, 9/24/99

I didn't go into work today, because: "sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do". 'Nuff said.

Thursday, 9/23/99

This will sound extremely melodramatic, but I swear it's true. Today, I felt as if my life were a scene from a bad horror movie...imagine a shot where a guy (me) gets punched through his chest and has his still beating heart ripped out; Cut to a shot of my face looking shocked and horrified, then cut to one of those semi-cool shots where the camera pulls back quickly, illustrating isolation on the part of the subject.
Well, if I didn't already know it before, I definitely know it now...you cannot trust anyone. There are ugly, deep layers of personal and political bullshit at play in any given work arena, so much so that you ALMOST understand why people snap. It's frightening, really.
The only good thing to come out of today was the inherent knowledge that it simply cannot get any worst...or can it?

Wednesday, 9/22/99

Fucking A...Whatever

Tuesday, 9/21/99

Ah, another journal entry. Lucky you...another look into my perfectly miserable life, and all it entails.
So I guess my stupid new counter thingy kind of works...it does keep track of how many times my site has been visited, but it kind of doesn't work, because the part under it is supposed to be a link to Web Right Services. I tell ya, it's never easy.
Should I mention work...NO! Suffice it to say each day there is darker and drearier than the previous one. Today was especially dreary, and I do wonder how staying there much longer will affect what remains of my sanity...
I'm hoping against hope for something very good to happen soon...hopefully there will be more on that later.

Sunday, 9/19/99

BLECH. Best word to describe today, so far, is BLECH. Sunday's just suck for me. Whatever.
So anyway, I just installed a new counter on my index page. I don't think it works properly, and it's very depressing, because it starts out at number 1, so if it doesn't update, it's gonna make my site seem even more pathetic than before.
See, BLECH says it all.
One good thing for tonight, at least to a dork like me, is a first run episode of "Family Guy" on Fox. What a great, twisted show! I highly recommend it to those of you who aren't easily offended!
Well, that's it for now...OH, Go Dolphins! Woo Hoo!

Friday, 9/17/99

It's ugly. Ugly and pathetic are the best words to describe the shit going down in that sixth level of Hell that I call work. There's only one positive about work these days, but I'm not sure I really should talk about that here.
The weekend holds some promise, but not much just yet. Time will tell. Until that does or doesn't happen, I'm gonna have to do a major clean up around these parts. Fun.
OK, I guess that's enough for today.

Thursday, 9/16/99

I was freaking out. I wake up this morning, and discover that North Carolina was already hit by what was left of Floyd. So I call my Mom and sister, figuring they were well away from the coast, and all safe and sound. What do I get? A dead fucking phone line! AAAH! So I start calling around, and finally, after 12 Noon I finally get a call that everybody is fine, etc. Damn, I am SO done with all this hurricane shit!
Well, let's see, what else. I'm listening to Shania Twain right now. (Her second CD...a gift from Tennessee..sigh) Anyway, it's pretty decent.
I wanna see that new show, Action, tonight. Looks like it'll be pretty cool.
Oh, how can I not comment on work. Same shit, different day. There is SO MUCH annoying political shit going on there. It just makes you wanna do, I dunno, very bad things!
Still, at least my lunch hour was a lot of fun. A LOT of fun! Almost makes me feel like I'm a kid again...

Wednesday, 9/15/99

Well, it was all for nought. We didn't even feel any effects from Floyd. It's funny too, because people immediately start bitching, "what a waste of time it was to prepare for a hurricane that didn't come!" Idiots. Next time go ahead and don't prepare, but don't come crying to me when you aint got any food or water, and the power company says it'll be another two weeks before they can "reach your area".
Like I mentioned before, there's another hurricane that might come this way, and just to keep me preoccupied, my Mom and sister, and her kids are in North Carolina. Yep...that's right where Floyd will probably make landfall.
In other news, work was not especially fun today. I mean, hell, it coulda been worse, but I was hoping for a little fun to be mixed into the monotony and stress. But no, of course not. Whatever.

Tuesday, 9/14/99

OK. Ok. It LOOKS like South Florida is pretty much in the clear of Big Bad Floyd's reign of terror. Best wishes for the more Northern coast of Florida, and Georgia, etc. Of course, since life is never easy, there's already a new monster a brewing in the Atlantic, Hurricane Gert, and with a name like Gert, I'd be looking to destroy shit too!
Well, at least it's another day off from work. Of course, THAT'S gonna be a lot of fun when we go back. Lots of answering questions like, "are we gonna get paid for missing work"? Lot's of me trying to smooth over ruffled feathers when I say , "no, you're a temp. Deal with it."
Ugh, let the madness begin.
Oh yeah, Go Dolphins! Woo Hoo!!!

Monday, 9/13/99

Well, the good news is that I'm off the hook in terms of Jury Duty. Phew.
The bad news? Well, Hurricane Floyd MIGHT be coming WAY too close for comfort to this sleepy little hamlet known as Miami, and South Florida in general. This is a very scary prospect, because this bitch is even bigger and badder than Hurricane Andrew, and man, Andrew was a BASTARD!
At this point all we can do is hope for the best, and hope it turns a little northward, and pretty much just sprays the Florida coast with a bunch of rain. We'll see.

Sunday, 9/12/99

WOO HOO! I don't have to report to Jury Duty on Monday! Sure, I'll probably get screwed for Tuesday, but at least this way I get my UGLY Monday workload taken care of. Yeah, like you care.
Well, enjoy The Emmy's...oh, and hey, football season's back! Dolphins all the way? Marino's last year? Well, too early to tell! All we can do is wait for the best.

Saturday, 9/11/99

Not much going on...again...I know it's shocking, but it's true. I saw Stir of Echoes, and posted a comparison/review of it and Sixth Sense in the MOVIES section.
I'm extremely upset because I have to call on Sunday night to see if I have to report to Jury Duty. Pisses me off, but hey, what can you do, right? At least I have The Emmy's to look forward to. I love watching awards shows. Yeah, I'm quite the dork.
Well, I guess that's it...OH, yeah, I've come to yet another realization about myself. It is nearly impossible for me to be friends with a member of the opposite sex, without me starting to feel all weak in the knees for her. Whatever.

Tuesday, 9/7/99

It hasn't stopped raining and thundering for about an hour and a half. I probably shouldn't be online right now. With my luck I'll get a major power surge and short out my computer!
So anyway, I was right...work absolutely sucked today. Even the "good" things about work weren't working for me. Sheesh, I can't win for trying.
I just saw some of that show, Dilbert. I did find it a little funny, but it didn't seem to capture the attitude of the comic strip. Maybe it's just me.

Monday, 9/6/99

So now it's Monday night, and it's back to work tomorrow. BUT I DON'T WANNA DO THAT!!! Something's gotta give. I really have to make some serious changes to my EXISTENCE, and I gotta do it but quick! My biggest problem is that I've been saying that for oh, 13 years now...

Sunday, 9/5/99

Well, here it is Labor Day Weekend, and here I am, just working on my website. Am I just the epitome of fun, or what? Anyway, yesterday was pretty cool. Hung out with some friends and saw a pretty bad but kinda fun movie called RAGING HORMONES. It was a special screening at a theater way up near West Palm Beach. Ironically, the last time I was up in that area was exactly 364 days ago. I just thought you should know that. Anyway, it was fun, and it helped me to forget about work and all the BS associated with that place.

Wednesday, 9/1/99

Man, what a day at work. Everything that could go wrong did. I had yet another argument with my so called boss. Sometimes, just the sight of her makes my blood boil. Once she opens her mouth, it's all I could do NOT to send her to Hell, or worse. Add to that whole annoying situation, a generally chaotic atmosphere filled with Primadonnas and egos galore, and well, you have a pretty good idea of what it's like in my own personal little Purgatory! But hey, on the bright side (there's rarely a bright side, believe me you) I'm seeing an advance free sneak preview tomorrow, so it's all good!