See, let me explain. I had nothing to do, and had to meet a friend at a movie theater later on anyway. So of all the movies playing that I didnít wanna see, I chose the one that I didnít want to see the least, What A Girl Wants. Well, at least it has Amanda Bynes, a great up and coming young actress better known from TV, but who was also really great in the surprisingly funny BIG FAT LIAR.

It also has Kelly Preston, who is now basically known mostly as Mrs. John Travolta, but whoís actually very attractive, and used to be a hot little number that did nude scenes in B and C Movies!

And while no youngster, Colin Firth seems to have his star on the rise.
Heís been around a while, appearing in everything from Valmont, the lesser known version of Dangerous Liasons where he played the John Malcovich role, to The English Patient and The Importance of Being Earnest, which was not huge at the box office, but was pretty good.

So yeah, I went and saw not only a chick flick, but worse still, a teeny-bopper chick flick, and damn, it was pretty bad. I mean, the performances were as good as to be expected. Bynes is pretty good, and I can see her going upward and onward in her acting career. I had expected more "crazy hijinks" comedy, but instead the movie tries to be poignant, giving Bynes a chance to show more dramatic chops, which she did OK. Sheís not ready to play Ophelia or Estella by any stretch of the imagination, but give her a chance.

But yeah, this movie was pretty bad. I mean I know some movies are purely escapist fun, but there are just glaring omissions in reality here, and it annoyed me. I realize Iím bitching about a movie that no heterosexual thirty-something male should see anyway, but the three leads deserve better material, and movie audiences over the age of thirteen do too.

Then thereís the off screen hullabaloo about the movie poster. Printed long before the war in Iraq began, it showed Ms Bynes posing with her fingers in the "peace" sign. Well, when the war started, the "powers that be" decided they didnít want the movie being somehow associated with any political suggestions and had the ads changed so there was no peace sign evident.
Oh please, talk about over-reacting!