Confession from a so called ďComic Book GeekĒ: I didnít enjoy Watchmen.
I didnít enjoy the movie I just saw, and I didnít enjoy the graphic novel, which I read once 20 years ago and barely remember. I appreciate the movie and director Zach Snyder for what he pulled off. I know itís been quite the long and painful endeavor to make a movie version of what is considered one of the best and most important comic books ever created. And though Alan Moore wants nothing to do with the movie version, I do appreciate his classic series. I just think at the time, the book was over my head, and probably still is.

Luckily for me, my terrible memory makes it very hard for me to compare the movie with the graphic novel. So Iím basically left to review just the film. And like I said, I didnít enjoy it. Visually, Zack Snyder did a pretty great job. There are a couple of things I had trouble with, but I wonít list them as to keep this absolutely spoiler free. Suffice it to say sometimes the CGI was too much.
The bigger problem for me was the script and characterizations. I really need to like the characters. Or at least hate them. But here there was nobody for me to really like, except one. I also found the script at times almost clichťd, which surprises me about something based on an Alan Moore story.

The acting in Watchmen was pretty solid throughout. My favorite, obviously, was Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach. Not only the most interesting character in the story, but just a really great, gritty performance. Matthew Goode was also very good as Ozymandias. Iím not familiar with the actor, but I thought he did a good job. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was pretty good as The Comedian, although the role called for him to be pretty over the top. Patrick Wilson was solid as Nite Owl, but I think there was a bit of a disconnect with his characterís arc. The transition between his character in the beginning of the flick and at the end isnít well defined. I dunno, maybe Iím just nitpicking.
Billy Crudup is very good as Dr Manhattan, but heís such a spectacle, that I guess Iím judging him mostly on his voice work? I mean, I guess that was his real face under some make up and tons of CGI, but for the most part, only his voice transcends.
By the way, this movie is Rated R for various reasons, including the way Dr Manhattan frequently would make even Jason Segel blush.

The ladies of Watchmen are a mixed bag for me. Carla Gugino can basically do no wrong with me, and I bought into her any time she was on the screen. However, and I really donít like to dis anybody in my reviews, but I just didnít buy Malin Akerman as Silk Spectre. Iím sorry. I tried. I donít know what it is about her. But she just didnít work for me. I am ashamed.

So this movie has caused quite a stir. Diehard comic book fans are conflicted. Media in general doesnít know what to make of it. I think overall it was a pretty good effort to tackle what many think could never and should never be made into a movie.

B +