I knew Whipped was gonna suck, but I saw it anyway.
See, I had to see somebody else's take on the whole "pussy whipped" thing.
I don't deny it at all: I am now, and have pretty much always been whipped.
Like Metallica says, "you know it's sad but true".

However this is, for lack of a better term, a movie review, and not more of my incessant whining about my pathetic life or lack there of, so:

Whipped stars Amanda Peet, a semi-hot artificial blonde chick with way too many teeth as a seemingly perfect girl who hooks up with three guys at the same time.
The guys in the movie, they're real names are irrelevant, except for that the the guy who plays "Brad" is now Amanda Peet's real life guy, are the biggest bunch of stereo-typical cartoon characters I've seen in a movie in a long time.
The dialogue that spews from their mouths made me squirm at times; Sometimes because it was so vulgar, but mostly because it was SO artificial, and so NOT what real people in real situations say.

Now, I totally understand that I have never been a player, nor do I ever plan on being one, nor could I be one if I so chose to be. But still, you know really bad, fake dialogue when you hear it. Whipped is chock full of it.
The acting is very, very low grade B movie quality. Like maybe the writer / director cast all his friends or something.
I would actually say that over all, I was entertained a bit, and I wouldn't say I hated the movie, but Whipped doesn't need to be on the big screen. Amanda Peet MAY be a bit of a rising star nowadays, thanks in part to her scene stealing role in The Whole Nine Yards (then again she was butt naked in that movie, not here)so she is probably the only reason this movie made it to theaters.
It really belongs on video, and on cable at 3 AM.