I went into X-Men Origins: Wolverine with low expectations. See, I love the character of Wolverine, and I think he’s been handled well in the previous X-Men flicks. But as news started coming out about who was going to be in this movie and the characters they play, I started wondering what was up. It seemed like they were throwing in too many people, and you know Hollyweird, it tends to get things wrong, so yeah, I was kinda worried.

Well, my worries were kinda valid. No, they didn’t totally screw everything up. Hell, I don’t even know Wolverine’s origins exactly. The movie borrowed a lot from a series of comics called Wolverine: Origins and I never read those, so really, I’m not sure how right they got it. But there were plenty of little things that made little sense to me here and there. I won’t reveal them because I don’t do spoilers…

Hugh Jackman once again was great as everybody’s favorite berserker. I knew he wouldn’t be a problem, and sure enough he nailed the role again. He also served as one of the producers, which is kinda cool.

Casting Live Schrieber as Victor Creed was interesting, being that he’s a great actor and looks nothing like Tyler Mane, who played the same character (Sabretooth) in THE FIRST MOVIE. I point out that Schrieber’s a great actor because Sabretooth was hardly used in the other flick, while Creed is essential to this one.

Ryan Reynolds is pretty great as Wade Wilson. Wilson is not a good guy, but he’s a very funny guy, and Reynolds is great at smarmy comedy. I wonder if this is a role he’ll revisit…

I really liked Lynn Collins as Kayla Silverfox, Wolvie’s gal. I liked her acting and I liked her looks, so really, what more could you ask for. I even liked her character, even though methinks things were very different in the comics.

Taylor Kitsch plays Remy LeBeau, better known as Gambit. Gambit’s a very popular Cajun mutant, and while I personally wasn’t crazy on how Kitsch was presented in the flick, his story was pretty cool. (Again, no idea how much was changed…)

Finally Danny Huston, a really great actor, played William Stryker, the military mastermind responsible for changing Wolverine’s life to the extreme via science. Stryker was played in the best X flick, X2: X-MEN UNITED, by Bryan Cox. Both great actors; I guess Huston was just younger, and this IS a prequel, so…

X-Men Origins: Wolverine wasn’t a bad movie, it just could have been a lot better. It’s a well made movie, and it did leave me hoping they do another (better) X based movie. Oh, one thing I will reveal is that there are not one, but TWO short scenes during and after the credits…but they’re pointless! Ugh. Really could have been much cooler reasons to stick around for the credits. Just saying…