Imagine being able to read minds.
Wouldn't that be freaky?

Well that's exactly what Mel Gibson can do in What Women Want, a romantic comedy starring Gibson and Helen hunt.
Due to a Hollywood style freak accident, Gibson's character, Nick Marshall, an over the top Lady's Man, begins to hear the innermost thoughts of women everywhere. A sci-fi or horror film could have gone many directions with this premise, but here it's used mostly for comic effect. It works out fine…

I thought this was a great role for Gibson. I think I prefer him in comedies than in dramatic roles. He actually seems more natural and less like he's acting.
Helen Hunt was good in the film, but compared to her performance in the much maligned Pay it Forward, she seems like she's just going through the motions…or at the very least just reliving her long stint as TV's Jamie Buchman on Mad About You.
Also in the film is Marisa Tomei. I haven't seen her in a while. Here she brought to mind her character in Oscar, a bad movie that I love. Her role was pretty small, but still it was good to see her again.

What Women Want is directed by Nancy Meyers, some one I know nothing about. I think she made some good decisions with the film. It had a bit more substance to it than your typical romantic comedy. It was also about 2 hours long…a little longer than the standard fluff piece.
I'm sure What Women Want will be a hit…at least with the ladies.
But guys who give it a chance will probably like it too.