Note: I am way too lazy and unprofessional to actually attempt to look for the fonts which feature accents or the Spanish N with the line on top.
OK, just letting you know…


So I wanted to see this movie despite it being in Spanish (it's subtitled in English), and despite it being at the fucking theater that I hate, the theater where the "beautiful people" go. The one where I saw BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF and I think, AMELIE, which makes me now realize I only see foreign movies there, but I may be wrong because my memory's going faster than my hair and my waistline. God, I'm such a girl…But I mean that in a strictly hetero way, damn it!

Anyway so I went to see Y Tu Mama Tambien (and your mother too), and I'll be damned, but even though I am basically fluent in Spanish, this film is thick in Mexican dialect, and I actually need the subtitles to keep up with a lot of it!

On to the movie itself. Directed by Alfonso Cuaron, and co-written by him and Carlos Cuaron (his brother, father, uncle?), I didn't know what to expect. Cuaron had previously directed Great Expectations and The Little Princess, two movies I actually liked a lot. But I was hearing things about this movie comparing it to American Pie, so I didn't know what to make of it. I think I mostly wanted to see it because an unrated foreign movie takes chances American movies just won't take. I may be entirely wrong, but foreign films tend to be labors of love, or creative genius, while a lot of American flicks are nothing but cash cows. Don't get me wrong, I love American movies (obviously), but it's just nice to see a foreign flick every now and then, just to see how the other half lives.

Anyway, sorry, I have yet to really discuss the movie itself…it's very good though.
Starring Maribel Verdu, Gael Garcia Bernal, and Diego Luna (no, I have no clue who they are either), Y Tu Mama Tambien is at times funny, but at no point is it really like American Pie at all. This film is really a rather poignant, substantive drama, highlighted with humor. The performances are all very good, but it's almost kind of hard to tell. The actors' accents were very thick…but it all seemed very natural. Almost as if it was a camera filming real friends in real conversation.

Had this film been rated, it would have been the dreaded NC-17. It's pretty strong in terms of subject matter, sexual situations, and nudity. I knew there was a reason I saw this movie!
But it is a very good movie and I heartily recommend it to any one over 18 with an open mind who doesn't mind subtitles…