I enjoyed the first Blade, despite the cheesy ending.
Guillermo Del Toro’s BLADE II blew me away. Visually, it was just an orgiastic comic book – horror feast. David S Goyer wrote those two movies, and now he’s written AND directed Blade: Trinity.
I’ve seen his directorial work before, with a smaller picture called Zig-Zag, that I don’t know if many people saw. I liked it. I thought it was a nice little movie, if not particularly memorable.

Well, I have to say I am kind of disappointed.
I don’t think Blade: Trinity is nearly as bad as many reviews seem to indicate, but like I said, Blade II was awesome, so it would have taken a lot to beat it. David S. Goyer seems to maybe have been running out of ideas, and so he resorted to bringing in Dracula. I don’t know, maybe he never saw DRACULA 2000, but you shouldn’t play with Dracula unless you’re gonna do it right. But still, Blade: Trinity doesn’t suck. It just could have been better.

Back for the third, and I gotta figure, last time, is Wesley Snipes as Blade, the half human – half vampire hybrid. He remains a bad ass and he still fights well and knows how to use his weapons. Snipes does a good job as always, but I fear he was outshined by his costars.

Jessica Biel. Wow. She looks amazing. And she does a great job as an ass-kicking member of The Nightstalkers, vampire hunters that Blade refers to as “rookies”. She plays Abigail Whistler…you know, Whistler’s (Kris Kristofferson) daughter. And, yeah, wow.

Ryan Reynolds…OK, in a totally heterosexual way…damn, he gets a Wow too!
This guy used to be on the sitcom Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place, and he was in that wacky comedy Van Wilder. Yeah, he’s always been funny, and he IS very funny in this movie. But damn! This man got in some serious shape for this flick! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a transformation. It’s almost scary. But like I said, though he’s a bad ass, he’s still very funny. Totally steals the show. And with him in the James Brolin role in the new Amityville Horror AND with him being engaged to Alanis Morrisette, he’s having a pretty good year!

Parker Posey plays a really over the top vampire, and despite myself, I kinda liked her. I know she was too campy, and it annoyed me to an extent, but I dunno. She was cool. One of her minions was none other than Paul Levesque, better known to wrestling fans as Triple H. In the wrestling world, he’s one of the best. Not quite the charisma of The Rock, but as a total package, he’s great. But I have to say, his role was pretty badly written, and sadly, he didn’t quite pull it off. Sorry.
But my biggest problem with Blade: Trinity is Dracula. Not only did Goyer change up pretty much all established mythos the classic character has, but he gives him a monstrous alien-demon appearance, and in human form he’s played by Dominic Purcell. Now, I have nothing against him, and I’m one of the few people who watched his show John Doe on FOX pretty regularly while it lasted. But casting him as Dracula is possibly even worse than casting Gerard Butler in the aforementioned Dracula 2000. So basically Dracula was completely mishandled.

So Blade: Trinity was more of a not so great action flick with the occasional comic book pizzazz than a horror comic book movie. At times it definitely does feel like a comic, and it is obvious that Goyer likes comics (especially since he wrote these three movies, and also wrote the upcoming Batman Begins…and has shown interest in developing other comic book properties.). He definitely needs to get some more practice with the whole directing thing, and even his writing needs some tweaking. But if you try and go in with an open mind, Blade: Trinity is an OK way to pass the time.