See, what's great about really stupid but funny movies is that you laugh despite yourself.
Corky Romano is definitely a really stupid but funny movie.

Corky Romano stars Chris Kattan as the ridiculously upbeat and oblivious estranged son of a Mafioso, played by Peter Falk. Corky's brothers, played by Peter Berg and Christopher Penn, are typical mob bad asses, but with a twist.
Veteran character actor Fred Ward rounds out the cast on the Mob side.

The FBI is represented by the original Shaft himself, Richard Roundtree, the rather attractive and now grown up Vinessa Shaw (last time I saw her was way back in Hocus Pocus), and a guy who goes toe to toe with Kattan, Matthew Glave, who plays a similar role to his The Wedding Singer and ER roles. You know, sort of just an over the top asshole.

Chris Kattan is a funny, funny guy. Just one look at his face, and you wanna laugh. He does a great job as Corky Romano, but he should be wary of being typecast as a goofy guy. He doesn't really seem like leading man material, but then, once upon a time, neither did Adam Sandler or Jim Carrey.

My only complaint with Corky Romano is that it seems to be another case of a movie that was planned as an R Rated movie but was then sanitized slightly to get the box office friendly PG-13 rating.
Other recent examples of this are Bubble Boy and DUDE, WHERE'S MY CAR, both movies that should have been Rated R.
In their cases, it would have helped. Here it wasn't necessary, so the more vulgar aspect seemed forced and inappropriate...
But this is a very funny movie at times, and if you're looking for true escapism , Corky Romano will definitely do the job.