Sometimes, you just can't tell which way is up. Everything is confusing. Everything you say is wrong. Everything you do is wrong.
I know that for the most part, my intentions are always good. But let's face it, even on a good day, I tend to fuck things up.
It's just the way I am.

She can be very blunt.
It's funny, but even as Her words can rip me open, there's something refreshing about Her honesty and upfrontness. Wait, I'm not sure if upfrontness is a real word. Hope so.
I try. I try to figure Her out, but to no avail. It'll never happen.
However, I must say that I marvel at Her strength...even though it is that strength that makes her an Ice Queen when she deems it necessary. (Usually Monday through Friday, 830 AM to 530 PM) If I had even a third of Her strength, I'd be a much better man.
Maybe not in the eyes of other's, but in my own.
Sometimes you only have to please yourself.
Usually, it's so fucking hard to please others...

A good Friend of mine says it's not good to hate people, because to do so is to hate God.
I have nothing against God per se, but I hate a lot of fucking people.
Shit, I hate a whole lot of stuff...a very, very long list that begins and ends with bad drivers.
Hey, you do what you can.

Growing up has not come easily to me.
It's requiring a lot of work.
As a rule, I don't like work.

I think I'm in trouble...