OK, the following may appear to be blasphemy:
I've never gotten into Dr. Seuss.

That being said, initially, I had no interest in seeing the new movie by Ron Howard, official title of which is like the book, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, even though the movie posters and ads just say The Grinch.
Then I saw the teaser, and they kinda hooked me by using a classical piece of music, the official name of which escapes me, but which was recorded as Prelude to Madness by one of my favorite bands, Savatage. THEN it was announced that another of my favorite bands, Trans Siberian Orchestra, an offshoot of sorts of Savatage, would supply a song for the Grinch soundtrack. Having apparently NOT learned any lessons from suffering through MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2, I went and saw How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Oh well, my bad.

Jim Carrey is really, really good as The Grinch. He's unrecognizable under all that green fur and prosthetics, but his antics are all his own. He IS the movie.
But I just don't think this movie should have been made. While I never really saw the original TV cartoon special, it is widely regarded as an absolute classic. So why remake it in live action? I can't help but feel that director Ron Howard knew he was biting off more than he could chew. The original book was very short, and although it is very nicely narrated here by Anthony Hopkins, he's no Boris Karloff. The original TV show was all of 23 minutes!
Why try and make a full length movie outta that???

Maybe die hard fans of Dr. Seuss will like this movie. I'm sure kids will love it…but as for me, I'll use another holiday expression, BAH HUMBUG!