KILL BILL: VOLUME I blew me away. I loved it’s energy…it was like a live action cartoon, if you will. Uma Thurman kicked every body’s ass, and it was a blast.

Now comes Kill Bill: Volume II and suddenly things get a little quiet. There is some crazy Quentin Tarantino action, like in Volume I, but this one is more about crazy Quentin Tarantino dialogue. But that’s not a bad thing. Tarantino has created some great characters here, and once again Uma Thurman is brilliant as The Bride, whose real name is finally revealed.

Now that both movies are out, I hope the Academy pulls a Lord of the Rings and gives her an Oscar as reward for both movies! (even though, it’s basically one long movie, right?) Seriously, Uma Thurman is just amazing. Physically and emotionally, this movie had to be a huge challenge, and she rose to the occasion and is just amazing.

Daryl Hannah is very impressive as the patch wearing Elle Driver. We only had a hint of her in Volume I, but here she’s back to try to kick some ass, and her character, while not very nice, is pretty damn interesting. Michael Madsen’s character isn’t nearly as interesting, but he still does a good job. And what about David Carradine? How cool is it to see the old star of TV’s Kung Fu in such a big role on the big screen? Well, I’ve heard some nay-saying, but I think he did a nice job. Tarantino wrote a cruel, kinda creepy character, but there was a sort of twisted charm to him, and I think Carradine pulled it off. I especially liked his “story-telling” style and delivery. Good stuff.

So I guess that’s it for now for the KILL BILL saga. I’m kinda sorry to see it go. I could almost see most of the characters in this movie (series) carry on in an anthology style setting. Crazy Elle musta had some wicked adventures? Budd prolly had some crazy nights at the “My Oh My Nude Bar”, and Bill…damn, he’s been around. The stories he could tell…
I have heard that Quentin does want a third Volume, revolving around the daughters, etc, but I don’t know how far off that is.
My problem is I want more now.
I also hear there will be a special DVD version combining both volumes…
This could be very interesting indeed…