Damn, I'm SO cultured. I just saw another foreign, subtitled movie.
Pantaleon Y Las Visitadoras, a 1999 Peruvian film.
I guess it takes a while to distribute films via the Amazon River.

Actually, this film didn't seem all that foreign to me. Unlike Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN a Mexican film with a seriously thick Mexican dialect, I could pretty much understand the language in this film easily. This probably stems from the fact that Miami, my home town (joy.), though once considered a mini-Cuba, is now much more of a mini-Cuba-Puerto Rico-Central America-South America, and so the languages (and dialects) are much more familiar to me. Well that, and at work, South American's make up the biggest percentage of our employees and clients. (Again, joy.)
All that being said, I still did need to consult the subtitles often, but they failed me miserably as they were in a bigger than necessary font, and kept appearing under the screen, rendering them practically unreadable. (Joy, yet again!)

Anyway, that was a long, completely unnecessary digression.
About the movie itself…the premise seems like that of a bawdy comedy, instead of a serious, almost poignant drama…a well respected Peruvian Army Captain is ordered to go to report to the Amazon jungle because of a series of rapes committed by very horny soldiers. The solution? Start up a mobile brothel! I guess the Peruvian Army's slogan is, "Be all that you can be…and leave your money on the dresser".
But like I said, the movie is actually pretty serious, and the lead character, Pantaleon Pontaja (I wouldn't make that up) goes through a lot. He's a very clean cut, almost nerdy, happily married man. But, well, you can imagine what kind of chaos his new job could bring. The actor, Salvador Del Solar, was very good. Obviously I know nothing about him, but I can say that he looks like a strange morph of Billy Zane and Jim Cazaviel. Weird.
Since I don't know any of the cast, I'll say this, they're all good. Aristoteles Pichu (I wouldn't make that up either) is excellent as an annoying and creepy man, and Monica Sanchez is great as the loyal wife. But the stand out, and I admit, I say this for all the wrong reasons, is Angie Cepeda as "La Colombiana". Wow. Oh My GOD, Wow. I mean, no, really, THAT kind of wow. This woman could melt you with one look.
I mean, maybe you'll want a shower afterwards, but wow, she's brutally sexy.
Yeah, yeah, she's a good actress too, but Fucking A, she's scary hot. Even with what could be a Natasha Lyonne thing going on with her hair and to a lesser extent, her face, she's outrageous. And just to make me want her all the more, she wore a small ankh around her neck. Sigh…

Anyway, Pantaleon Y Las Visitadoras is a pretty good flick.
It's unrated, but I would say it's just solid "R", no more, no less.
I think you should check it out, but I hope you're theater has a bigger screen to accommodate the subtitles.