I dunno why I even wanted to see this movie. I knew very little about About Schmidt before seeing it. I knew that Jack Nicholson was getting raves for his work, and that was basically it.
Well, itís true, olí Jack gives a bravura performance, worthy of nominations up the wazzoo.

But that doesnít mean that About Schmidt is fun.

No, unfortunately this is another one of those moviesÖanother movie that I know is a good movie, but that I just didnít like.
In fact, I was pretty bored, and a whole lot of depressed by the time it was over.
Yes, I know, I can get depressed at the drop of a hat, but really, I found this movie very depressing. I think many people will.

Based on the book by Louis Begley, About Schmidt is directed and co-written for the screen by Alexander Payne. Payne previously directed Election, a movie I never saw. It got rave reviews, so I rented it one night and didnít end up seeing it anyway.
(I still had a sex life back then)
Well, with the exception of Nicholson's kudos, I dunno whatís being said about this movie, but Iím sorry, it didnít work for me. Yes, the acting is great, especially Nicholson. Kathy Bates and Hope Davis are really good, but then again, they always are. Dermot Mulroney is almost unrecognizable from the young stud that broke Julia Robertsí heart in My Best Friendís Wedding, and heís really good as well. With a sort of balding mullet look going on, he looks like he belongs in an early Eighties southern rock band. But heís pretty cool.
But this is Nicholsonís movie all the way. Iím not sure how old he is in real life, but he plays a sixty-six year old very well. His character is kind of sympathetic, but still has flashes of the arrogant assholes Nicholson plays perfectly. Actually, as with ADAPTATION and PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE, I could relate to the lead character. Maybe this is what my future looks like, with a few glaring exceptionsÖ
But still, I just couldnít get into this movie.