You can't go into a flick like Sorority Boys expecting art.
You can't even go into it expecting quality.
No you go into this movie expecting a cheap laugh, maybe some cheap thrills, and then maybe you're not disappointed.

Sorority Boys stars Barry Watson, Michael Rosenbaum, and Harland Williams as three fallen frat brothers who find themselves having to join a sorority in order to clear their names. Of course through the magic of Hollywood they learn a lesson along the way.
Wow, that's more than I usually say about a movie's plot, but this movie isn't exactly blazing up at the box office, so I guess it really doesn't matter. I only went to see this because I was bored and I figured a little laughter would do me good.
I was right.

I was also curious to see Rosenbaum, because he is so effective as Lex Luthor on TV's Smallville. Here he's nothing like Superman's bald, future arch-enemy, but he's still the best thing about the movie. He's a talented actor, even when he's not given much to work with. But it is weird to see him with hair, even if it's just wigs.

Barry Watson and Harland Williams did OK. I've never seen Watson since I don't watch the show he's on, 7th Heaven, but I've seen Williams in various small roles. I think he's capable of more but never seems to hook up with the right movie.
Oh well.

This movie is full of clichés, as to be expected.
One cliché, one explored well as a cliché itself in NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE is the "pretty-ugly girl". Here she's played by Melissa Sagemiller and yeah, she's adorable, if not terribly popular. She's an actress I've never seen before, but she was very cute, and did a nice job with a very standard role.
Besides, she's in a shower scene, even though I think she used a body double.

Rounding out the cast, or at least the people I'm gonna mention anyway, is Heather Matarazzo. I thought she would be doing real movies by now, but she really hasn't, has she? She's a talented actress, but here she has a really annoying character, or at least characteristic, but she does fine.
But damn, I just remembered I have to go to the dentist soon.

There's also three cameos, or maybe they're just really small roles, by actors from what's probably considered the best of the crazy college hi-jinks movies, but I won't say which movie or who they are.
But really, what's the big deal?
So anyway, I saw this movie on what's considered "twilight" time, so it only cost me $4.25.
That's not too much to pay for a few laughs, right?