Monday, December 8, 2003


Friday, December 5, 2003

I dunno what to say.
Things at work are getting really ugly as the company goes through harsh growing pains and as every aspect of every task is being questioned and analyzed, etc. I already had an argument with the new guy...the guy that's being called everything except a replacement for the older lady who has been out since her accident on 11/11...
It's not fun being here.
At all...
Even the holiday stuff sucks.
We suddenly have holiday spirit and are doing a gift exchange.
We haven't done that in years.
At least, I don't think we have. My memory really sucks.
Anyway, in an office full of women, I of course drew a guy's name, because, come on, why should anything positive ever happen to me.
Then, since nobody here really KNOWS anybody else, or cares, for that matter, we were told to list three gifts that we wouldn't mind getting. Pathetic.
So I pulled a typical stunt and listed:
World Peace
An end to homelessness
and, Feed the children
Then wrote an an apology:
Oh, I'm sorry, I thought this was my Ms America application...

Oh and to add insult to injury, the Holiday Luncheon is now being held in a hotel in Coconut Grove, and we had to pick from preapproved menus of fancy shit I've never heard of. I'd rather eat dog food than go to Coconut Grove, and I'd rather eat a hamburger than a stupid "gourmet meal" any fucking day.

And then there's Icon.
Poor Icon.
I fear he's beginning to show signs of the inevitable...

Tuesday, December 2, 2003

Well, it's December already.
Suddenly that depresses the Hell outta me...but I know that was a short trip anyway.

The sweet gal whose baby shower I attended recently had to be hospitalized, and will more than likely have to remain so until the birth of her baby in a couple of weeks. It's kind of sad, but I know she'll be better off with all the care there, and she and the baby will be fine, and that's what matters.

My supervisor remains incapacitated since her accident. It's wearing her down, and in turn it kind of wears me down because she calls me a lot and it breaks my heart. I also try and visit her a bit, but that's very hard on me too...that nursing home is a very depressing place.

So Icon the Uber Beast remains defiant despite his condition.
The other day his hunting instincts were in high gear and when I went to walk him, as soon as I opened the door he lunged and instantly had a baby duck in his mouth.
It was horrifying.
But kinda funny.
And kinda cool.
Look, I'm sorry, and I felt bad for the duck, but come on, there's no reason for there to be ducks all over a residential neighborhood!
Anyway I got him to spit out the duck immediately, but needless to say, that duck is no longer with us.
Then, on the same day, a bird had the misfortune of flying way to low for his own good, and from the seated position Icon grabbed him in the air and knocked him down...
Needless to say the bird joined the duckie in the great beyond.
Survival of the fittest, and all that.

OK, I'm miserable, and all though it's only 7:08, I have a shitload of work.
This place is in chaos mode, and no sir, I don't like it...