MARCH 2001

Monday 3/26/01

"It's all over but the shouting
I come to take what's mine" - Van Halen

Well, The Oscars came and went, and yep, I was disappointed.
No Kate Hudson winning for Almost Famous, a movie that was inexplicably left out of the race anyway.
Russel Crowe winning for Gladiator...
He did a great job, but I think Tom Hanks and Geoffrey Rush had harder roles.
Gladiator taking Best Picture...
Let me tell you, I loved Gladiator. I don't think I wrote up a review of it because the movie actually motivated me to go off on one of my pathetic tangents instead, but I did think it was a great movie. But I never thought of it as an Oscar flick.
I think Traffic should have won, and I'm guessing a bunch of other people thought so too, since Steven Soderbergh won Best Director for Traffic, and Best Adapted Screenplay also went to the film.
Hmmm, makes you wonder.
But there were some positives...
Julia Roberts' acceptance speech was perfect.
You can't fake pure elation, and you had to just smile for her.
Steve Martin did a great job!
Keep in mind, he's the host, not necessarily the joke writer...
Most of the humor comes from that hairy homosexual that everybody apparently loves, Bruce Fallanch, but Martin's delivery was pretty good every single time. And, at least in my opinion, he never stumbled...
And the last best thing about the Oscars were of course Jennifer Lopez' nipples.
Even though I think she looked kinda harsh...

Sunday 3/25/01

"Close your eyes
And just believe again
There's a God
Does He remember when
We were young
And faith was not pretend
Anymore" - Savatage

You know, I don't really have much to say.
I just figured I haven't updated in a week, so I should say something.

Had an OK weekend.
Got sunburned again at the beach.
My head hurts because of it.
I had a rather ucky dinner at AppleBee's with Pal Joey.
Then I went to the Miami Dade County Fair and Exposition.
It was hot and way too sunny and my head hurts.
See, it always comes full circle.

Tonight are the Oscars.
I hope I'm not too disappointed...
Maybe tomorrow or Tuesday I'll update again and talk about the results...
I bet you're just gonna wait with bated breath!

Sunday 3/18/01

"Dark angels taste my tears
And whisper haunting requiems
Softly to mine ear
Need-fires have lured abominations here" - Cradle Of Filth

So yeah, this weekend sucked...
I fucked myself over, I fucked over a friend, I kinda fucked over some more friends, and I definitely got fucked over by someone.
There was a whole lotta fucking over going on.

And I made a fool of myself.

I fucking hate that shit...

And to top it off we basically got rained out, so my long awaited return to the Italian Renaissance Festival was cut short.

Friday 3/16/01

"Do you wanna die?" - Toadies

So once again I had to wait forever behind somebody who's apparently never met an ATM.
Fucking A people, it aint that difficult!

I watched Friends for the first time in a while.
It's still funny, but not as funny as it used to be.
Also, all the commotion over a "Black" friend was for naught, although Gabrielle Union is very attractive.
And she has a really cool name.

So my Dad's been acting kinda morbid lately.
He tells me to take care of my mother when he's gone.
And yesterday he tells me he wants a grandson.

I'll take "Things I don't need to hear" for $500 Alex...

Tuesday 3/13/01

"Christ has risen
Keep him hidden
God forbids he sees..." - Savatage

I have absolutely no idea why I came in here today.

Maybe just to bitch some more about people.
Fucking A, I hate people.
I need to avoid the bulk of them.
They just suck so much...
Why are they here?
And why do so many of them have to be on the road driving at the same time I am?
And why do they all have to have vocal cords which only help them be even more fucking annoying by talking out loud?

Oh fuck it, I'll never have satisfactory answers to all those questions.

Sunday 3/11/01

"I've lied
To you
The same way that I always do
This is
The last smile
That I'll fake for the sake of being with you" - Linkin Park

Yep, more Linkin Park.
If that CD was a vinyl record, it would be worn down to nothing…
I dunno why it's been such a hit with me. Maybe it's all the artificial angst…

So this weekend I met this really pretty, sweet girl.
I don't wanna get into details, but with my social skills being what they are, I walked away empty handed.
And I can't help but think that was a mistake.
I dunno…

Saturday I tried racquet ball for only the second time ever.
I'm still sore.
It's a very good work-out when played well.
I don't do anything well, so for me it was an ugly way for me to sweat like a pig.
But it was fun, and I think Pal Joey and I will play more often.
And maybe one day, I'll actually score some points.
But um, I never actually see myself winning…
But that's cool.

So my car is officially mine now.
I got the title in the mail, along with a small refund check because I had been paying slightly over the monthly installment. It's funny, but I wasn't expecting a refund, just a reduced, final bill. Still, when I got the refund, I was annoyed at how small it was.
Guess I'm never happy…
Course it's all bittersweet since I have that stupid recall notice I still haven't looked into.
It's just that I'm lazy, and the dealer is in BFE, and they aren't open on weekends, and I would need a ride, and UGH, I just don't wanna deal with all that…

I posted a new movie review in the movie section.
I was supposed to see two, but decided against Get Over It.
I'm just not ready for a movie that includes Sisqo…
Couldn't help but notice that the movie trailers for The Mummy Returns and Planet Of The Apes use the music from Bram Stoker's Dracula and Mortal Kombat respectively.
Very cool.
I just hope the actual movies have good music as well…

OK, that's it for now...

Wednesday 3/7/01

"New blood joins the Earth
And quickly he's subdued" - Metallica

So I read the controversial Metallica interview in Playboy.
See, I really do just get it for the articles...
Very disappointing.
I dunno how much, if any, was taken out of context, but it just doesn't look good.
Seems that singer / guitarist James Hetfield is a bit of a tyrant.
For a while now, he's been like, my "hero", for lack of a better word.
Oh well...like they say, heroes are hard to find.

Not much going on.
Starting to get that agitated, stagnant feeling again.
Not good.

Monday 3/5/01

Well, it was pretty good...

Friday 3/2/01

"And I'm out here
I don't understand what you want me to be
It's the dark you're
It's not who I am
But I know that it's all that you see" - Savatage

I really need a good weekend.

We'll see...