JULY 2002

Tuesday 7/30/02

Today's my Dad's birthday.
He's old.
And because of his health, he looks even older.
I never tell him, but I love him.
He's a good man, but I just never talk to him.
It's sad.
I'm a bad son.

I guess that'll kill off July...

Sunday 7/28/02

I rented a couple of very different flicks;
Warriors of Virtue is a cross between CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON and Legend, with some family flare thrown in.
I remember seeing it theatrically when it was released in 97 and thinking it was kinda cool, but weird. I mean, fighting kangaroos?
But seeing it again, I really enjoyed it. It's funny that I couldn't help but think of Crouching Tiger when I saw it, it has the same cinematographer, Peter Pau, who also did DRACULA 2000 and Bride OF Chucky, the latter with Warriors director Ronny Yu.
It's a cool movie, despite it's weirdness.

The other film was The Last Broadcast, and I was severely disappointed.
There was all this talk a while back about how this movie actually preceded The Blair Witch Project, and how they have similar styles, etc, etc, etc...
Well, whatever, TBWP was creepy as hell, but Broadcast was BORING.
And actually, kinda stupid.

But maybe that's just me.
OK, now I'll try to deal with the fact that I have to work at 7 AM tomorrow...

Friday 7/26/02

What a fucking day, week, etc...
But I did sneak a long lunch and see AUSTIN POWERS IN GOLDMEMBER.
I wrote a very fast, short, and boring review.
In fact, the only reason I came in here was to thank Pal Joey for the new "stars" I'm using on the reviews from now on. I prefer the original ones, but not as those annoying animated things, so these new ones are more convenient!
Have a weekend...

Thursday 7/25/02

I watched some of the live coverage of the funeral service for little Samantha Runnion.
It was heart breaking, to say the least, especially when her mother spoke.
Why can something like that happen? Why can a sweet, innocent, beautiful little girl be taken away from her mother in such a sickening, brutal, horrific way?
I'll never understand the ways of this world.
There is so much ugliness.
It gets harder and harder to see the good anymore.
IS there any good anymore?

Friday 7/19/02

I saw ROAD TO PERDITION again last night.
It's such an amazing movie.
I saw it with a friend who wanted to treat me to dinner and a movie as a belated B Day thing. Thanks dude!
That makes two weeknights in a row where I see movies, since I saw EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS the night before.
I bought some more books yesterday, giving me an all time high of like 10 books in waiting for me. I think I should hold off for a while...

Sunday 7/14/02

I was spoiled this weekend, with friends and family treating me to nice Mexican, Chinese and tropical meals, all in honor of my turning yet another year older.
That was very nice of them! THANKS!!!
Fucking AÖ34!
34Öisnít that like, I dunno, OLD?!?

I also saw three movies, reviews of which are to be found in their USUAL LOCATION.

Iím trying not to think too much about work, but thereís a lot of shit going down, so this may well be a very, very long weekÖ

Wednesday 7/10/02

Just a little self indulgence:

"Your life is lost, your soul is damned
But it feels too good to make a stand
Bad is bad, but this is worse
Let judgment come, you love this curse"
- Bruce Dickinson

"The Misfit Child Grows Fat On Despair"
- Probably my favorite short story title ever. By Tom Piccirilli

"But no, there canít be any killing in the name of religion.
Thatís like killing over who has the best imaginary friend."
- Comedian Richard Jeni(Paraphrasing because my memory sucks)

Sunday 7/7/02

Well, I guess that wraps up the long weekend.
Nothing too special. Did a lot of reading and watched a lot of movies. I saw two pretty bad THEATRICAL RELEASES, but I saw a lot on video and DVD. GOSFORD PARK was pretty good, as was RUSH HOUR 2. I also saw Saving Silverman, a indie horror thing called Wilderness and Mallrats.
I finished reading Watership Down, a rather strange English book about rabbits. It was kind of a slow read for me, but it was pretty interesting. I ended up rented the animated version of story as well, but that was not too good. I also saw a movie called either Teen Sorcery or Spellbound, depending on which part of the video you see. It was basically a low budget, Nickelodeon version of the The Craft.
I just watched The Changeling on DVD. Pretty cool ghost story from 1980. I have a feeling it may have influenced some of the more recent "haunted house" movies...

I'm all but finished with the new Neil Gaiman book, Coraline. It's basically a kid's book, and it's in the kid's section, but it is pretty dark.
Gaiman rules.

I have spent a ridiculous amount of money this weekend.
Oh well, back to the grind...

Wednesday 7/3/02

Well, I'm gonna have a four day weekend, but who cares, ya know?
I was this close to going on a one day, all day trip to Disney World...
i mean, I was so close I could actually smell the touristy sweat!
But as quickly as the scheme started coming together, it all fell apart.
Fucking A, not having a life can be very annoying sometimes...

Today is some one very special's BDay.
Although I dunno if we'll ever speak again, I wish her all the best...